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Philippines 2024 statutory holidays and special holidays (with salary algorithm)

The Presidential Office of the Philippines issued Proclamation No. 368 on October 13, 2023, declaring the 2024 official holidays, special non-working holidays and special working holidays in the Philippines. Statutory non-working holiday Regular Holiday: January 1 (Monday)-New Year's Day

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Philippine Consulates and Embassies in China Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Holiday Notice

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday notice came out in 2023. This year we bid farewell to the era of masks, celebrate the whole world, have a happy eight-day holiday and spend a good time with our families. I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The following are the holiday notices for various consulates and embassies in the Philippines: Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen holiday notice:

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List of holidays in Indonesia in 2023

The Indonesian government has officially signed a decree on statutory holidays and joint leave arrangements for 2023. Released jointly by the Ministry of Religion, the Minister of Manpower and the Ministry of Human Development and Culture, the following is the list of holidays in 2023: Sunday January 1: New Year Sunday, January 22: Lunar New Year January

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The Philippines holiday is coming! Embassy in the Philippines reminds Chinese citizens in the Philippines to be highly vigilant against foreign exchange scams.

The embassy in the Philippines reminds Chinese citizens in the Philippines to be highly vigilant about foreign exchange scams. According to the Chinese embassy in the Philippines, the embassy in the Philippines recently received a number of Chinese citizens asking for help, reflecting that they had encountered foreign exchange fraud and caused economic losses. It is understood that under the guise of a "preferential exchange rate", lawbreakers lured the parties to carry out private

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No more misinformation!! The Philippine electronic sign system has fully returned to normal!!!

Philippines electronic sign wave after wave. After three months of trial operation of the Shanghai Pavilion, on November 14, the Philippine electronic sign system was fully launched in mainland China. Just when everyone was enthusiastically talking about how to use the electronic sign system and find out the application process. Philippine Consulate in Shanghai at 1

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The passport is affixed with a fake SRRV retirement visa in an attempt to break through the Philippine Immigration Bureau at a glance!

The Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) recently intercepted a Japanese national who presented a forged Philippine Retirement Immigrant Visa (SRRV) at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco said the 64-year-old's

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Philippines to Launch "2-Year Digital Nomad Visa" Foreign Ministry Concerned about Online Gambling Abuse

A bill to grant digital nomads a 12-month visa, which could be renewed for another 12 months, is being considered by the House Judiciary Committee. Digital nomads are people who rely on digital technology to work everywhere. According to House of Representatives Bill 8165, nomads who meet the proposed number need to be full.

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The Ministry of Justice recommends that the VFS system process visas for Chinese citizens to the Philippines.

Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Crispin Remurra (Jesus Crispin "Boying" Remulla) said on Monday that the Philippine government plans to submit visa applications and reviews for Chinese citizens to VFS Globa, a global outsourcing and technology services company.

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Notification of the indefinite suspension of the Philippine e-visa system

Notice of Indefinite Suspension of Philippine Electronic Visa System The Consulate General hereby regrets to announce that the Philippine Electronic Visa System (https:// evisagovph/) will be suspended from Saturday, November 18, 2023 until further notice. The consulate will only be accepted until 202.

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Philippine government finds 308 fake birth papers used by foreigners to apply for passports

Since the Philippine Bureau of Statistics (PSA) conducted an inventory of the database, the authorities have found that at least 308 fake Philippine birth certificates have been used to apply for Philippine passports. The agency's proposed budget for 2024 was illegally obtained by foreigners.

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In 2024, what are the policy improvements for tourists in Long Beach Island?

Long Beach Island community change is finally coming. Several messages from friends, including the governor, after today's government meeting. Mr. Mayor, SB. Tourism, Immigration, Police Chiefs Team, BFI Team Chamber of Commerce Team, Red Cross Team. held a formal forum from various departments about

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Chinese citizen, birth certificate

On November 16, local time, Philippine National Security Council spokesman Jonathan Malaya (Jonathan Malaya) said that according to intelligence reports, local civil registrars of local government departments were suspected of corruption and illegally issued Philippine birth certificates and other government documents to foreign citizens, from



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