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Notification of the indefinite suspension of the Philippine e-visa system

Date: 2023-11-18 PageView: 1632


Notice of Indefinite Suspension of Philippine Electronic Visa System The Consulate General hereby regrets to announce that the Philippine Electronic Visa System (https:// evisagovph/) will be suspended from Saturday, November 18, 2023 until further notice.

The consulate will only accept e-visa applications for payment before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 17, 2023. Accordingly, any applications received from the early hours of Saturday, November 18, will no longer be entertained. Since the early morning of Saturday, November 18, the visa application money received by the museum will be refunded.

Continue to accept sticker visa

1. Until further notice, only sticker visas will be issued for all types of visa applications. Please come to the Philippine Consulate General to apply after the visa processing date is reserved in advance. Please scan the code applet to make an appointment.

2. The Consulate General reserves the right to accept visa applications for the following relevant applicants outside the reservation system:

Verified trade and investment projects under negotiation or approved by the government, or endorsed by the Shanghai Philippine Trade and Investment Center. Relevant applicants please contact the Shanghai Philippine Trade and Investment Center via email

Chinese spouses, parents or children of Filipino citizens, please submit relevant certificates (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) to email

For students admitted by Philippine educational institutions qualified to enroll foreign students, please contact the consulate through email first, and provide the current admission vouchers and letters from relevant Philippine educational institutions according to the requirements of the consulate general.

The Consulate General reserves the right to request additional documents.

3. Tourist team visa. Chinese citizens can also travel to the Philippines through travel products provided by travel agencies outside China. Please apply at a local travel agency approved by the Consulate General.



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