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What information do you need to apply for a 9G visa in the Philippines

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For people who know the Philippine visa, the 9G visa can be said to be a very valuable visa. In terms of validity, it is based on years, so the stay in the Philippines can be longer. In terms of the number of entries, a work visa can be returned to China at any time. It is a long-term valid identity document, not a one-time entry visa. So relatively speaking, everyone wants to apply for a 9G visa. However, there are still some problems that we must know about the 9G visa.


What information do you need to apply for a 9G visa in the Philippines

How to apply for a 9G work visa, one of the application conditions is that when applying for a work visa, the Philippine work unit needs to send an invitation letter to itself before it can take this invitation letter to the Philippine embassy in China. Handle relevant visa applications. This is the first condition. Without this invitation, it is impossible to apply for a 9G job visa. As long as you get this visa, it means that you are working in this unit. After you arrive in the Philippines, the Immigration Bureau will also check the specific situation of foreigners working in the Philippines from time to time. If there is any difference with the work unit on the visa, it will be detained or blacklisted. Therefore, the 9G work visa you apply for must go to the company that sent you the invitation letter. If there is any job change, you need to modify the relevant information in the certificate.

The difference between 9G work visa and temporary work visa

In addition to the 9G job visa, there is also a temporary job visa. The main purpose of this job visa is to let people go to the Philippines first and then find relevant jobs. However, the validity period of this kind of job visa is very short, and the nature is very controversial. People with temporary job visa can only work in some small places in the Philippines, and once the Immigration Bureau checks it seems, most of them will be repatriated due to visa issues. Therefore, if you want to work in the Philippines, you should choose a regular enterprise to apply for a 9G visa. Agency agencies can also do it for you.

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