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Can I apply for a Philippine passport at present? Philippine passport handling strategy

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We all know that passports are issued by the state to its own citizens when we travel or stay overseas, so as to prove the nationality and identity of the citizen, which foreigners cannot obtain. Due to the different relations between countries, passport visa-free countries are also different, and some friends will apply for multiple passports at the same time for the convenience of entry and exit. Today, let's talk about whether we can apply for a Philippine passport at present. If so, what should we do?


Can I apply for a Philippine passport at present?

The answer is yes. If you want to apply for a Philippine passport before, you can only obtain it in two ways. One is to apply for an immigration visa first, apply for naturalization after 10 years, and then apply for a Philippine passport; the other is naturalization at birth, which is the fastest way to naturalization.

What are the advantages of applying for a Philippine passport?

1. Ultra-fast approval, zero risk, rejection rate;

2. No funding requirements, no funding source requirements;

3. No immigration surveillance, no background investigation;

4. Filipino immigrants have no language requirements;

5. Can work, can do business, can get education, can enjoy welfare;


What is the process of handling Philippine passports?

1. Fill in and submit the application form (for 1 month)

2. Go to the Philippines to record fingerprints (one month after the application form was submitted)

L evidence collection time: 4 months and 15 days.

L urgent evidence collection time: 2 months and 15 days

L after submitting the data, enter post id in 2-3 weeks at the earliest, enter MBI in 1-2 weeks, and do DFA in 1-2 weeks at the earliest.

3. Government issues passport, driver's license (Chinese driver's license is required), Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification (1 month)


What materials do you need to submit for a Philippine passport?

1. Blue photo electronic file (1.5 inches 1.5 inches), white photo electronic file (2 inches 2 inches)

2. Personal Data Sheet (next page)

3. Application Form (to be completed by the agent)

4. Fingerprint collection (application for mid-term arrangement of applicants to log in)

5. Passport and ID card scan

6. Notarization of no crime certificate

How long does it take to obtain a Philippine passport?

The entire processing time for the Philippine passport is about 3 to 4 months, and it needs to be logged in once. It is to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make a finger, eye mask, etc. The issuing agency is the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. The stay in the Philippines is about 3-4 working days. If the passport is accidentally lost after receiving it or the five-year period expires, it can be reissued and renewed according to the normal procedures.

What documents can the applicant get in the end?

Applicants can obtain naturalization certificates and passports issued by the government, as well as certification materials from the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Embassy.



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