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How much does Vanuatu immigration cost? It can be done for only 30000 dollars.

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Vanuatu is a very small country and people don't know much about it, but with the passage of time, Vanuatu has gradually appeared in people's eyes. What is the reason? It may be that it has a great relationship with Vanuatu's immigration policy. While Vanuatu enjoys many conveniences, the immigration cost is also very low. Next, this article will discuss in detail the expenses, application conditions and suitable people required to immigrate to Vanuatu.


First, the cost of emigrating to Vanuatu

At presentVanuatu immigrantsThere are two kinds of projects, one is passport immigration and the other is permanent residence green card. If you only plan to live in another country and do not want to change your nationality, you can choose permanent residence green card, which only needs 30000 US dollars. If you want to apply for passport immigration, the cost will be higher.

Second, investment immigration Vanuatu is suitable for those people.

1. Parents who have children who are studying and hope their children can get better educational resources. Vanuatu's educational resources are relatively good. Children Vanuatu can also receive a good education, and students studying abroad can apply to study in domestic double first-class universities. Chinese with foreign status will be admitted to domestic double first-class universities more easily than domestic students taking the college entrance examination.

2. People who enjoy life in the Pacific Ocean

For some retired elderly people who are considering immigration, Vanuatu is a very good choice. First of all, they do not need to worry about economic pressure when they immigrate to Vanuatu. This is because the local prices are very low. Secondly, the local natural environment and air environment are very good. Retired elderly people can stroll along the streets of Vanuatu with their lovers every day and enjoy the beautiful scenery while exercising, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Immigrating to Vanuatu is a good choice for retired elderly people.

Third, immigration conditions in Vanuatu

1. To apply for immigration to Vanuatu, one must be at least 18 years old.

2. People applying for immigration cannot have criminal records.

3. The assets used by the immigrant applicant must have the asset certificate of 2.8 million person's name currency.

These are some explanations about the expenses, suitable people and related conditions of immigrants to Vanuatu. I hope the above copy can provide some help to you in preparing for immigrants.



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