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2024.05.20 PageView:844
What materials are required to apply for a Philippine visa in 2024?

There are many types of Philippine visas, mainly including business visas and tourist visas. The materials required for each type are different. The following is a list of materials required to apply for these two types of visas: 1. Philippine Business Visa The business visa is mainly for applicants who need to engage in business activities in the Philippines. Applicants may need

2023.10.30 PageView:1974
Philippine airports lift slipper rules

The Philippine Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) said Tuesday it has suspended mandatory shoe removal at all airports nationwide. The OTS said in a statement that from October 13, passengers will only be alerted during security checks or if the alarm is triggered "in the event of heightened security conditions."

2023.08.07 PageView:1910
Do you have to enter Jordan with a visa?

Jordan is not exempt from visas to China. Chinese citizens holding private passports should apply for visas in advance before entering Jordan. However, do you have a Jordanian visa to enter the country? Let's take a look at this issue together. People going to Jordan need to apply for corresponding visa types according to their travel purposes.

2023.05.12 PageView:2396
2023 EasyGo Exclusive Elders "Immigrant Bar" Event! The lowest price for retired immigrants in the Philippines

2023 EasyGo Exclusive Elders "Immigrant Bar" Event! Philippines SRRV Retired Immigrants You can apply at the age of 50 (one group of families, unlimited number of people) The handling fee only needs RMB: the lowest price of the whole network (please add customer service to obtain the latest price) Fees do not include government fees and investment funds.

2023.04.29 PageView:2310
Acting Philippine 9A travel visa (covered),1-3 workers will sign out, and all refused visas will be returned.

EasyGo Easy Travel International Shocks Launch: Philippines 9A Travel Signing Agency Package Service Bags? Yes, I did! Bags! Bags! Say important things three times. Refusal/refund of full payment! You read that right. whole network lowest price! Handle material simplicity! Acceptable crowd: those who have refused to sign are abroad.

2023.01.22 PageView:2191
Invitation Price Reduction Notice

9A Travel Sign Back to Fei One-Stop Service Has Been Opened, It Is No Longer Difficult to Return to Fei, Now You Can Apply for Invitation

2023.01.14 PageView:3143
If the Philippine spinach company is blacklisted (BLO), it can now go through the formalities of returning home.

At present, the Philippine Blacklist (BLO) (this batch of blacklists of Philippine Spinach Company) cannot return home. Those who want to return home can contact us EasyGo Easy Travel International. For details, please consult online customer service. Cost = OTL NBI overdue invoice, limited to 2 weeks, large quantity can be discussed.

2023.01.12 PageView:2388
Good news‼️‼The complaint on the ALO list in Philippines has been officially launched!

Good news‼️‼ALO complaint officially started! 1. People who want to leave the country: 3800 Philippine currency ecc 5000 Philippine currency will be counted separately if it is overdue. 2. People who do not leave the country: 15000 Philippine coins will be counted separately if they are overdue. 3. If people do not leave the country, they need to apply for immigration and work visa.🫰

2022.12.17 PageView:3083
2022 Philippine SEC13 [Grand Amnesty Immigration] Application Open! Only 50 places! The "scarce" gol

Philippine Amnesty is about to open The Philippine SEC 13 Amnesty Visa is a Quota Visa, also known

2022.10.15 PageView:3784
Heavy | Philippine Passport Immigration Officially Online! "One Step in Place" Take the Second Country Passport "EasyGo Easy Travel International" Exclusive Agent!

As a popular country for middle-class immigrants, the Philippines has become the first choice for many people to acquire a second nationality due to its beautiful scenery and proximity to China. Before that, it is not easy to naturalize the Philippines and obtain an official "Philippine passport". You need to apply for a green card for another 10 years or more.

2022.09.28 PageView:1986
National Day Carnival Carnival Golden Week Celebrates "China" Festival Happy National Day

National Day Carnival Carnival Golden Week Celebrates "China" Festival Happy National Day The golden autumn is cool and the osmanthus is fragrant. In this harvest season, China's 73th anniversary is celebrated. On this National Day holiday, Yiyou International specially launched the following activities: I. International driver's license 1

2022.09.28 PageView:2026
The scheduled passage for the Philippine Amnesty Visa (SEC13) in 2023 has now been opened. The quota is limited and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

"Fighters in Airplanes 」 Golden Amnesty The only permanent residence that has been passed down from generation to generation. No need to go through the labor department Limited quota reservation as soon as possible‼️ The scheduled passage for amnesty has now been opened. Contact customer service to obtain the quota on a first-come-first-served basis. You just need it. I happen to be professional. Our one-stop service, let you all



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