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Special investor's resident visa agent_ Handling conditions_ Process_ How much does it cost to apply for retirement immigration
Special investor's resident visa agent_ Handling conditions_ Process_ How much does it cost to apply for retirement immigration

Philippine Immigrant Investor SIRV

Philippines, Permanent Immigration Status, Alias (Green Card), Lifetime Green Card, Available for the whole family! Philippine immigration is divided into Philippine Retirement Immigration (SRRV) and Philippine Investment Immigration (SIRV), which started in 1985 and is administered by the Philippine Retirement Immigration Agency (PRIA) and the Philippine Investment Immigration Agency (PIA) respectively, in order to attract foreigners to the Philippines for investment, tourism, and vacation. It is recommended to purchase investment in Philippine National Power in the form of stock purchase and year-end dividend income.

Period: 90Day

Signing Rate: 100%

Country/Region: Philippines

Program Description

The Special Investor Residency Visa (SIRV) is a visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration through the Bureau of Investments (BOI) under the regulations of the Omnibus Investment Act of 1987. The Special Investor Residency Visa is a special non-immigrant visa that allows the holder to reside in the Philippines indefinitely as long as the eligibility conditions and investments under the SIRV remain in place.


Program Advantages

You can rely on this status for almost everything, except that you cannot enter politics, have the right to vote and be elected, or hold land in your name. As long as the investment money remains, the status remains valid for a long time. The most important thing is that the rights and benefits of SRRV for retirement immigrants, SIRV has, and even more coverage.

  • 1. You only need to be 21 years of age to apply.
  • 2、Free access, schooling, work and residence in the Philippines permanently.
  • 3、Another paper visa that can be used as a transit place for Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and other passports, privacy immigration.
  • 4、Can be used as a third country status for Hong Kong immigrants, more practical than Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Vanuatu.
  • 5、Can apply for the status of Chinese nationals, return to China to invest in preferential terms.
  • 6、Can enjoy tax exemption preferences.
  • 7、Children can take the joint examination for overseas Chinese students and get enrolled in famous schools in China with low scores.
  • 8、Can open a company in the Philippines.
  • 9. You can buy stocks of listed companies in the Philippines and enjoy development dividends.


Declaration requirements

  • 1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  • 2. having remitted to the Philippines at least US$75,000 and having invested the subject capital in profitable economic activities
  • 3. the applicant has not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude
  • 4. the applicant has not been diagnosed with a dangerous or communicable disease
  • 5. the applicant has not been hospitalized for any mental disorder or disability.

In addition, the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 of the SIRV applicant may be considered eligible dependents and therefore may also apply for a special visa.

To ensure the legality of the SIRV, only investments/stocks in existing, newly formed or proposed companies are allowed/accepted as eligible forms of investment.

  • 1. publicly traded companies and must be in the BOI Investment Preference Program or in the manufacturing and service industries.
  • 2. Companies engaged in the areas listed in the BOI Investment Priority Program (IPP).


Documents required for filing

  • 1. Original passport
  • 2. 6 white background color photos of 2 inches
  • 3. Notarization from the Philippine Embassy (original passport location)
  • 4. Medical report from the Philippines
  • 5. Overseas investment funds remitted to the Investment Department
  • 6. Family member information
  • 7. Overseas and Philippine address, in English
  • 8. Contact phone number in the Philippines

Note: The above notarization and medical report from the Philippines will be calculated separately.



⇒ Applicant submits necessary documents for processing

⇒ EasyGo material review → 

⇒ Submission of application to the Directorate General of Investment and Immigration

⇒EasyGo notifies the appointment date/time

⇒ Applicant must be present; EasyGo staff will accompany the applicant throughout the process

⇒Fingerprinting+photographing is completed at BOI and Immigration Bureau, and the applicant can leave home only after following the instructions of EasyGo staff.

⇒ Notification of processing result approval → 

⇒ Dispatch or express delivery.


***Remarks: If the partner is attached to the main applicant: you need to provide the marriage certificate; and the original notary certificate of no crime.

If the child is attached: the original notarized birth certificate is required.

(***Fees: additional quotation)


10+ years of officially authorized immigration experience

Successful application guaranteed! Otherwise the original payment is refunded.

**In the event that a government agency declares inclement weather causes, or a national holiday

to the official government agencies to suspend the work, the completion of the card out date will be automatically postponed.

No refund after the order is placed. For more inquiries, please contact official customer service before making a payment application.



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