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How do you know if the Philippine driver's license is real? How to tell the authenticity of a Philippine driver's license?

Date: 2022-12-12 PageView: 14022

In the Philippines, it is particularly inconvenient not to have a driver's license. If you drive without a license, you will either have to pay a large fine or you will be arrested and imprisoned. Therefore, it is best for Chinese in the Philippines to have their own local Filipino driver's license.


Many people mistakenly believe that Philippine computers are not connected to the Internet and cannot distinguish between authenticity, so they will try to buy fake driver's licenses on the market cheaply.

In fact, many smart Philippine traffic policemen will now use flashlights to show the authenticity. Dear friends, don't get a fake driver's license for a cheap price.

And as far as I know, at present in Metro Manila, the probability of getting a real driver's license is equivalent to winning the lottery.

If you get your own driver's license, please check which type of driver's license you have first?

Please note that there is a number in the lower left corner of the driver's license:


If the number is 1: it means a two-wheeled to three-wheeled vehicle, including motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles.

If the number is 2: it means a four-wheeled private car.

If the number is 3: it means it is an eight-to ten-wheel truck.

If the number is 8: it means a 20-wheel extra-large train.

So, how should the authenticity of a driver's license be distinguished? EasyGo Easy Travel International will give you a tip.

There used to be LTO official website verification method, but now it has been canceled, but we can also verify the authenticity through the following methods.

1. Mobile phone flashlight lighting identification method: This is the simplest and easiest way to distinguish. Traffic police on the road check the authenticity in this way. If the mobile phone flashlight shines on the back of the driver's license, the real driver's license will have a low light transmittance and will reflect a purple halo. If the false license has a high light transmittance, it will reflect a yellow or blue halo.

2. Font recognition method for the validity period of the driver's license: the validity period of the real driver's license will have a layer of bulge, with obvious hand feeling. The fake license will generally be a plane, without bulge, or the bulge is not obvious.

3, anti-counterfeiting mark identification method:

There is an obvious anti-counterfeiting mark in the lower right corner of the front portrait photo, which will be clearly reflected when the front is picked up.

Identification method of anti-counterfeiting strip on the back. The anti-counterfeiting strip on the back is uniform and excellent in texture. There are clear fonts for identification. The photos on the back are clear, the emergency contact information is complete, and the font printing is neat and clear.

4. Work check method: the real driver's license feels thick, bounced with fingers, has good elasticity, the four cutting corners are smooth and delicate, and there is no cutting feel.

According to the above tips, I believe everyone can check the authenticity of the driver's license by themselves.

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