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Philippines Electronic Sign Application Process

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The first step: login website, registered account

Log in to the Philippine e-sign application website:, and start the application after registering the account number.

Step 2: Fill in the information, visa application, upload information

To fill in personal information, you need to upload photos, passports, ID cards, select the type of visa and the number of entries.

Step 3: Entry information, security issues

Fill in the inbound tourism information, such as the entry airport, entry records; security issues survey, all fill in NO.

Step 4: Upload relevant supporting materials

Including machine wine orders, work certificates, bank running water, deposit certificates, real estate certificates and other financial certificates, uploading two people can increase the pass rate.

Step 5: signature submission, payment

According to the requirements, fill in the electronic signature and submit all the information, then start paying, remember the screenshot after paying, and then start waiting for the email to confirm the check-out.

Step 6: Confirm the check-out

The review time is about 2 weeks. After receiving the confirmation check-out notice, log in to the electronic visa system for confirmation. After check-out, the mobile phone saves the electronic screenshot and prints out the electronic sign, which can be carried with you when crossing the border.

It should be reminded that at present, some embassies and consulates can submit and pay online, and some still need to go to the consulate to submit information and payment on site. Before applying, you must confirm with the embassies and consulates you choose far away.

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