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What is a Philippine Repatriation Order? A detailed explanation of the cost and process 2024

The Philippine Repatriation Order is a regulation issued by the Philippine government to regulate immigration and protect the domestic labor market. Under the statute, any foreigner who resides illegally in the Philippines or violates visa regulations may be repatriated to their country of origin. However, the Philippines

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Who needs to go through the Philippines ECC customs clearance? 2024 latest policy full analysis

Philippine ECC Customs Clearance Guide Philippine ECC (Exit Permit) is an exit permit document issued by the Philippine Immigration Bureau to prove the legal identity of an individual before leaving the Philippines. This article will introduce the processing materials and processes of Philippine ECC to help you better understand and handle Philippine E

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How to solve the problem of Philippines blacklist with the same name? 2024 the latest analysis

Solve the problem of the blacklist of the same name in the Philippines and handle the certificate of no crime. When traveling to the Philippines or applying for a visa, problems with the blacklist of the same name are sometimes encountered, resulting in customs interception or visa denial. In view of this situation, there are corresponding solutions, mainly through NTSP to remove the blacklist of the same name, and obtain the law of the Philippines.

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How to handle the Philippine marriage certificate? A detailed explanation of the process and required materials 2024

What is the role of the Philippine marriage certificate is as follows: 1. You can apply for permanent residence, which is the cheapest kind of green card in the Philippines. 2. After the green card, you can travel to and from the Philippines indefinitely without having to apply for a visa. 3. You can apply for overseas Chinese. The score line for overseas Chinese children returning to school is low, and there is a great deal to do business in China.

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What should I do if I lose my passport in the Philippines? Hand in hand to teach you to reissue your travel permit 2024

The Chinese passport is an identity document of Chinese nationality. People holding the passport travel permit can enter and leave China legally and enjoy more convenience in international travel. However, many Chinese people will lose their passports during travel. This kind of thing often happens in the Philippines, so we will teach today.

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Chinese and Filipino Marriage Process: Three Things You Need to Know

What materials should be prepared for the Philippine marriage certificate 1. The Chinese side should provide relevant supporting documents and single certificate, passport, home address and parents' names; The Philippine side should provide Philippine birth paper. 2. Bring the hospital health examination form, 2 bareheaded photos and single affidavit to the Philippine City Hall and fill in the marriage certificate form.

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2024 Chinese Visa Processing Guide: What is required for Philippine nationality to apply for a Chinese visa

What is the effect of the requirements for Chinese tourist visas for Philippine nationality? Filipinos who want to enter China for tourism can apply for Chinese tourist visas. Generally speaking, the visa for traveling to China is the well-known L-visa. If you don't know how to handle it, you can ask our EasyGo International for assistance.

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2024 Philippines to apply for a Chinese visa process full analysis

The appointment process for Filipinos to apply for a Chinese visa requires an online appointment through the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines. Applicants are required to fill in the application form and prepare the necessary materials, then go to the visa center to submit the application and pay the fee, and finally wait for the approval to receive the visa. What is the role of understanding the appointment flow

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What should I do if I lose my visa in the Philippines? Hand in hand to teach you how to reapply and return home.

What if the Philippine visa is lost? Don't panic, just follow the following procedure. First, apply for a travel permit at the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, then go to Manila Airport in the Philippines to reissue the entry information, then go to the Philippine Immigration Bureau to stamp, and finally reissue a new visa to return home. Philippine Entry Visa Paper

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Where can I do Hague certification in the Philippines? This article will show you the process and information.

The role of the Philippines Hague certification 1. What is the Hague certification The purpose of the Hague certification is to simplify the international use of notarization or certification documents process, so that it is recognized between the signatories, so that cross-border exchanges become more convenient. 2. Philippines Hague Certification Where to Do Philippines Hague Certification Can Be in Philippines

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How much does it cost to take an international driver's license in the Philippines (matters needing attention in handling an international driver's license)

Philippine International Driving License Handling Fees and Precautions Before obtaining an international driver's license in the Philippines, you need to know some basic information. First of all, the Philippines is a country that has signed the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic, so it can obtain an international driver's license. Secondly, applying for an international driver's license requires some prerequisites, such as being at least 18 years old and holding a valid Philippine driver's license.

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Vietnam work visa process (work visa can be renewed)

Vietnam Work Visa Application Guide Want to work in Vietnam? Want to know more about Vietnam work visa? Below we will introduce the validity period, application process and renewal of Vietnam work visa in detail. Vietnam work visa is valid The Vietnam work visa is valid for one year, while the labor permit is valid for two years. After applying for a work visa, you need



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