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Which of the three permanent residence visas SRRV, ASRV and SIRV in the Philippines are suitable?

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Since the Philippine Retirement Agency announced in May 2021 that it would restart the application channel for SRRV projects aged 50 and above, various projects in the Philippines have also received great attention. On the one hand, because SRRV currently only opens channels for 50 years old and above, affected by market publicity, many applicants under the age of 50 have also begun to learn about asrv and sirv.

SRRV, ASRV and SIRV can survive as long as the conditions are met because the official expiration date of the visa is not specified. It is precisely because of this feature that the public generally regards these three visas as permanent residence visas in the Philippines. Today, I will take you to compare the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the next three visas.


Different nature

SRRV, whose full name is Special Resident Retiree's Visa (Special Retirement Immigrant Visa), is an immigration policy introduced by the Philippine Retired Immigration Department in 1985, giving applicants the right to enter the Philippines multiple times and stay indefinitely.


The full name of SIRV is Special Investor's Resident Visa (Special Investment Immigration Visa). It is a special residence visa issued by the Investment Agency of the Philippine Ministry of Industry and Trade authorized by the Philippine Immigration Bureau. Having this visa can enjoy multiple visas, permanent residency and preferential treatment for entering and leaving the Philippines. Tax exemption. However, it should be noted that SIRV is a special non-immigrant visa! But as long as the investment money is always there, the identity will always be there and will be valid for a long time.


The full name of ASRV is APECO Special Resident Visa(APECO Special Resident Visa), which is a permanent residence visa specially approved by the Philippine government directly under the APECO economic zone. Foreign citizens with this visa are granted the right to live in Aurora Special Economic Zone for at least five years, and the card needs to be replaced every five years.


Application age threshold is different

SRRV: Over 50

SIRV: Aged 21

ASRV: 18 years of age or older

Different investment types and amounts


(1) The classic plan:

With an investment of US $20000, the invested money can be withdrawn to purchase more than US $50,000 of real estate in the Philippines after a month of deposit in the bank. The real estate cannot be resold, and resale means cancellation of status.

(2) Smile Plan:

The investment of US $20000 can only be placed in a bank account designated by the retirement department. time deposits cannot be transferred out unless SRRV status is canceled.


The investment amount is 75000 US dollars, and you can choose from the following three types of investment:

(1) Purchase of shares of companies listed on the stock exchange

(2) Investing in new companies

(3) Invest in a company that has been opened.


(1) Donate about US $40000 to Aurora Special Economic Zone;

(2) Obtaining residency in the Aurora Special Economic Zone can be leased or purchased.


SRRV is still the optimal solution for regular applicants, with spouses and children under the age of 21. Although the current policy age threshold is relatively high, the application is simple, the cycle is stable, and the bill is clear. The official annual approval volume can reach tens of thousands of applicants. The overall operation process and mode are very mature. If you want to give up your status, you can choose to return the deposit in full.

SIRV can carry a spouse and children under the age of 21. Invest 75000 US dollars to set up a company in the Philippines, invest in a company or invest in the stock market to buy stocks. SIRV status can also gain certain advantages when investing in factories in the Philippines. If you want to give up your status, the funds can be refunded.

Compared with SRRV and SIRV, ASRV is a very new project with the lowest age threshold, simple process and short cycle. However, at present, the bill and policy of this project are not clear and there are quota restrictions every year. At present, the official operation mode is to obtain a visa through donation. The overall processing cost is high and cannot be retrieved.



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