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Is there a risk of repatriation when the Philippine landing visa is transferred to a travel visa?

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Many customers hold landing visa in the Philippines, and then convert landing visa into travel visa through some operations. However, it is necessary to know that this kind of operation is not allowed in the Philippines and there are certain risks. Therefore, today, Yi You International will come to popularize whether there will be repatriation risks in the transfer of landing visa to travel visa in the Philippines.


What are the factors of being repatriated?

There are many factors for being repatriated. Today, Yiyou International has listed the possible forms of punishment for being repatriated so that everyone can avoid lightning while working in the Philippines. If there are illegal acts in the Philippines, do not work illegally or change their visa illegally. If the visa on arrival in the Philippines is changed to a travel visa, it is an illegal change. A person blacklisted in the Philippines for disputes. People who have fought in the Philippines or have been hacked by the company must wash white before leaving the country.

Is landing visa changed to a travel visa and repatriated?

We have already said in the previous article that the change of landing visa to a travel visa is an illegal change and will be repatriated if found. Why do you say he changed his visa illegally? Because his travel visa was obtained through black-box operation. At the same time, he secretly took the passport to the Philippine customs and sent it back to China with an exit stamp. After changing it into a travel visa through a travel agency, he sent it to himself. After getting the travel visa, he added an entry stamp to realize the change of visa without leaving the country. This kind of visa is not recognized in the Philippines, so he is said to have changed it illegally. In fact, the change of landing visa to a travel visa is easy to be found by the Philippine Immigration Bureau.

The above is all the sharing of Yi You International in this issue. There is a risk of repatriation when transferring to a travel visa in the Philippines, so don't easily change landing visa to a travel visa. If you want to know more about Philippine related businesses, please contact our easy travel international online customer service!

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