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Portugal immigration process detailed explanation, with complete operation details!

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Since its launch in October 2012, the Portuguese Golden Visa Program has become one of the most popular residence programs in European investment programs. More than 10000 applicants have benefited from the program, and many immigrant families have also submitted applications and one step. Get status and enjoy immigration benefits. What is the process for overseas people to immigrate to Portugal in 2023? EasyGo Easy Travel International introduces the Portuguese immigration process in detail in this article!


1. Portuguese Immigration Policy

If you are a non-EU, non-EEA or non-Swiss national, then you can apply for a Portuguese gold visa. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a criminal record in your home country and Portugal. In addition, you need to make eligible investments in the country. There are many options to choose from, including real estate, investment funds and capital transfers.

2. Portuguese Immigration Application Process

The application for a Portuguese gold visa is very simple. If you complete the necessary steps in the correct order, you should not go wrong. We have a step-by-step guide for you below:

1, determine your type of investment.

The first stage is the induction stage. Once you have decided on your type of investment, you will need to complete all paperwork for yourself and any family members you wish to include in the application.

2. NIF and Portuguese Bank Accounts

As mentioned earlier, you need to designate a financial representative to obtain your NIF number in Portugal.

3. Investing

Once you have chosen the type of investment that best suits you, you will need to invest and lock in your investment in Portugal.

4. Online Application

In the process of applying, the applicant needs to submit the application online.

5. Approval

Your application will be pre-approved on the basis that you meet all requirements.

6. Biometric Access

It takes about two months from when you make an appointment for an interview to when you can attend the biometric collection meeting in person.

7, your Portuguese gold visa issued.

After your biometric visit, it will take about four months for SEF to approve your Portuguese gold visa. You need to pay a government permit issuance fee before you can collect your residence card.

8. Update your gold visa

Your residence card is valid for two years. At the end of the validity period, you need to renew your gold visa and obtain a new one.

9. Become a Portuguese citizen

After five years of obtaining a golden visa, you can apply for permanent residency. You need to keep your investment during this period and all requirements must be met.

3. Spanish Immigration Cycle

Generally speaking, overseas people need to submit documents online to SEF when they first apply. Once they have approved the application, you will need to visit SEF for an interview. Portugal has several SEF offices and you can apply wherever you invest. In this way, you can avoid areas with long waiting lists, such as the SEF office in Lisbon. SEF may take some time to approve and provide you with a biometric appointment. As the main applicant, you and your family can make an appointment with SEF at the same time. After the face-to-face interview, you will receive your golden visa card. It often takes about four months to receive these residence permit cartoons. Of course, the actual situation shall prevail. Your residence time starts from the date of issuance of your gold visa. After five years, you can apply for permanent residence as long as you maintain your investment and meet all the additional conditions.

Portugal Gold Visa is one of the best investment residence programs in the world. Since its launch, 11,060 foreign investors and 18,193 family members have benefited from the Portuguese Gold Visa (as of September 2022). They can enjoy excellent quality of life, low cost of living, more freedom of travel and higher security. In short, if you want to take the Portuguese identity, after reading the Portuguese immigration process detailed by EasyGo Yiyou International, hurry up and act!



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