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The 60-year-old "Huanglongxia" in Shanghai, China, drove alone in the Philippines and met more than a dozen locals in an "accident!

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Today's headline article on the Philippine website was a contribution from a fan friend. He found us that day and sent us this passage:


On second thought, there is indeed a little more negative news recently, and the entire Filipino Chinese community seems to be shrouded in fear brought about by kidnapping, which makes people have to think carefully about "whether human nature is good or evil".
However, good and bad are intermingled, and good and good people are still common! The following is the contribution of netizens (with deletion). In order to facilitate the reporting of Philippine Network, MR. Huang wrote the manuscript from the perspective of Philippine Network:

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The Filipinos lifted the stuck car with their bare hands, and the Chinese self-driving tourists in their sixties were left alone in less than 10 minutes. The Filipinos did not take any money or leave their names. After being helped, Mr. Huang was deeply moved and asked the Philippine website to report and thank the simple islanders.

This is what happened: Mr. Huang LongXia, from Shanghai, China, traveled to the Philippines alone. At the end of October, after renting a car in Manila, Mr. Huang began his first island hopping tour, passing through Mindu Island to Long Beach Island.
On October 30, Mr. Huang began a tour around Long Beach Island. He arrived at Pandan (Pandan) Central Square at 6 o'clock in the evening, when it was already dark.

When he found that he missed an intersection of navigation, Mr. Huang went to the central square and made a U-turn. Unexpectedly, he turned too big. The right front wheel accidentally fell into the ditch (there was a section of the ditch without an iron grid cover).


When Mr. Huang was still unable to get out of trouble after exhausting all the self-rescue methods, a car happened to stop from the opposite side and a middle-aged guy got off the car. The young man took the initiative to help Mr. Huang check the situation of the vehicle and told Mr. Huang that he could call the nearby rescue organization to help.

Before long, more than 10 enthusiastic people gathered around (this day happened to be the local election day in the Philippines, and there were more people passing by on the road). Because he can't speak Filipino, Mr. Huang can only communicate with them in English.

Although he did not understand, Mr. Huang probably knew that they were discussing the rescue method, not watching the scene of bustle. Someone in the crowd suggested that everyone lift the right front wheel of the car together, and Mr. Huang should cooperate in the car. After a series of operations, the handbrake was released, the reverse gear was put on, the people lifted the car together, and Mr. Huang cooperated with the car to get out of trouble in an instant!

Because the Philippines gives the impression that it is a country where "tips" are popular, Mr. Huang wondered if he would be severely blackmailed! However, in the whole process, no one proposed to be paid. Mr. Huang was very grateful and immediately decided to stay nearby.

Because it was an emergency, Mr. Huang was very sorry not to use his mobile phone to take the whole unforgettable and exciting process.

The next morning, Mr. Huang came to the scene of the incident again to see if there was any monitoring around. If not, he would take a few more photos as a souvenir. At this point, Mr. Ricky Perez, who participated in the rescue that day, recognized Mr. Huang.


Mr. Ricky Perez is a local construction worker in the square. When Mr. Huang explained to him that he wanted to leave a video of this unforgettable moment, Mr. Ricky Perez said that there was a surveillance on the roadside of the square, which happened to be in the direction of the rescue site last night.

Mr. Ricky Perez took Mr. Huang to the local government monitoring center. After explaining the situation to the person in charge, the person in charge asked Mr. Huang's name and where he came from, and then called up the video of the rescue scene that day.

Mr. Huang used his mobile phone to rip the whole process. Although it was dark and the light was not good, the whole process could still be clearly seen through the surveillance video.

Mr. Huang said that there have been many negative reports in the Philippines recently, but there must be good ones as well as bad ones. During the entire self-driving process, Mr. Huang met many kind-hearted locals. He said that once after filling up at a gas station, when he got off the car and went to the bathroom, the 200 pesos in his pocket accidentally fell. However, when he came out of the bathroom, a young man at the gas station returned the money to Mr. Huang.

Mr. Huang said that thanks to the goodwill of ordinary people in the Philippines, such positive energy is worth spreading and sharing! Thanks to the Philippine network for giving this opportunity to spread positive energy!



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