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How to handle the Philippine birth certificate? Who to find? How to authenticate?

What is a Philippine birth certificate? NSO PAS English called Birth Certificate birth certificate is a procedure to prove that a child was born in the Philippines, the Philippine birth certificate paper in China is equivalent to the "birth medical certificate", is to give the baby to declare household registration, nationality, proof of blood

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Philippines Electronic Entry Form Filling Tutorial

The latest tutorial is here!!! The Philippine Immigration Bureau announced that starting from April 15, whether you are a Filipino or a foreigner (including Chinese citizens), you need to fill in a eTravel entry-exit electronic card to enter and exit the Philippines. Entry-exit electronic card to fill in the website: https:// etrave

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Who leaves the Philippines need to apply for ECC-B? What materials need to be provided for ECC-B?

The last article introduced the ecc-A in detail, so today, EasyGo Easy Travel International will talk about ECC-B with you. What is ECC-B? ECC is divided into two types, ECC-A (also known as conventional ECC) and ECC-B. Who needs to leave the Philippines?

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What is the Philippine Exit Process?

What is the Philippine Exit Process? 1. After arriving at Manila International Airport, go to the designated counter to check in for the return home. You need to show your personal passport and return ticket, and then get your boarding pass. 2. After receiving the boarding pass, enter the exit inspection area and hand over the passport, exit registration form and boarding pass to the staff.

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Process and materials for obtaining a Philippine marriage certificate

In recent years, more and more young Chinese have come to the Philippines to develop. During their work and life in the Philippines, they have found true love there and have to obtain a marriage certificate in the Philippines. However, because they are not familiar with the relevant policies of the Philippines, some people may not know how to get a marriage certificate in the Philippines. What materials are needed

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Philippines Second-hand Property Renamed: Details Revealed

Recently we came across a case of a client who bought a second-hand apartment in Makati and the agent promised to help him complete the process of renaming the property. A year or two has now passed, but he is still not clear about the current situation. Every time he asked, the intermediary said it was fast, which made him feel anxious. in this article

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What if the Chinese want to go to Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of the few countries that can apply for an overseas visa, and there are still opportunities to apply for and enter other countries from Cambodia, so there are more people who want to apply for a visa. How should Chinese people apply for an overseas visa if they want to go to Cambodia? Chinese apply for Cambodian visa in China than foreigners

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Philippine e-visa system operation tutorial

On August 24, local time, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) began the trial operation of the electronic visa (e-Visa) system, which will initially focus on the Chinese and Indian markets. Philippine authorities have repeatedly reminded users to submit electronic visa applications only on the official website to avoid being deceived. Official Website

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What is the trademark registration process in the Philippines?

To register a trademark in the Philippines, we must first understand its registration process. EasyGo International will talk to you about the registration process of Philippine trademarks. Interested friends can have a look. Application submission stage Applicants who reside or have domicile in the Philippines may apply directly to the IPO

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What if the Philippine airport customs exit passport is detained?

Recently, many small partners had their passports detained when they left the country. Because they did not understand English, they were unable to communicate with the airport customs. So today we will talk in detail about the topic of how to do if the Philippine airport customs exit passport is detained, so that you can clearly understand where you have problems and how to solve them.

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Does the Philippines need to be protected for repatriation?

I think many of my friends who have been working and living in the Philippines for a long time have heard of the Philippines's black exit, generally speaking, if you do something bad on your side in the Philippines, you need to be black exit, then the Philippines waiting to be repatriated must need to be black exit? The editor will be detailed in the following article for the big

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The Philippines has no criminal record.

NBI No Criminal Record (NBICLEARANCE) is a certificate that you have not violated local policies and laws while in the Philippines. NBI No Criminal Record Handling Process You need to prepare your passport, go to the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation for an interview on the day of the appointment, and fill it in according to the requirements.



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