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What materials are required to apply for a Philippine visa in 2024?

There are many types of Philippine visas, mainly including business visas and tourist visas. The materials required for each type are different. The following is a list of materials required to apply for these two types of visas: 1. Philippine Business Visa The business visa is mainly for applicants who need to engage in business activities in the Philippines. Applicants may need


Philippine airports lift slipper rules

The Philippine Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) said Tuesday it has suspended mandatory shoe removal at all airports nationwide. The OTS said in a statement that from October 13, passengers will only be alerted during security checks or if the alarm is triggered "in the event of heightened security conditions."


Do you have to enter Jordan with a visa?

Jordan is not exempt from visas to China. Chinese citizens holding private passports should apply for visas in advance before entering Jordan. However, do you have a Jordanian visa to enter the country? Let's take a look at this issue together. People going to Jordan need to apply for corresponding visa types according to their travel purposes.




Philippines 2024 statutory holidays and special holidays (with salary algorithm)

The Presidential Office of the Philippines issued Proclamation No. 368 on October 13, 2023, declaring the 2024 official holidays, special non-working holidays and special working holidays in the Philippines. Statutory non-working holiday Regular Holiday: January 1 (Monday)-New Year's Day


Philippine Consulates and Embassies in China Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Holiday Notice

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday notice came out in 2023. This year we bid farewell to the era of masks, celebrate the whole world, have a happy eight-day holiday and spend a good time with our families. I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The following are the holiday notices for various consulates and embassies in the Philippines: Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen holiday notice:


List of holidays in Indonesia in 2023

The Indonesian government has officially signed a decree on statutory holidays and joint leave arrangements for 2023. Released jointly by the Ministry of Religion, the Minister of Manpower and the Ministry of Human Development and Culture, the following is the list of holidays in 2023: Sunday January 1: New Year Sunday, January 22: Lunar New Year January


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Philippines SRRV Retirement Investment Visa Required Information and Processing Process

1. what is an SRRV Retirement Visa? Philippine Retirement Visa SRRV is the abbreviation of Special Resident Retiree's Visa, which literally translates as "Special Resident Retirement Visa". It is also generally called "Philippine Special Retirement Signature".


Philippine ASRV Small Amnesty Visa Processing Required Information and Process

What is 1. Philippines ASRV Visa? Philippine ASRV is a special permanent residence visa. The full English name of ASRV is APECO Special Resident Visa, which is a permanent residence visa specially approved by the Philippine government directly under the APECO economic zone,


Information Required for Philippine SEC13 Amnesty Visa and Basic Processing Process

What 1. is a SEC13 amnesty visa? English Quota Visa translated "amnesty immigrant visa", also known as the amnesty visa, golden visa by many friends. It is the Philippines based on the principle of reciprocity and a privilege of foreigners. After obtaining this visa, you can stay in the Philippines for a long time.


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What is a Philippine Repatriation Order? A detailed explanation of the cost and process 2024

The Philippine Repatriation Order is a regulation issued by the Philippine government to regulate immigration and protect the domestic labor market. Under the statute, any foreigner who resides illegally in the Philippines or violates visa regulations may be repatriated to their country of origin. However, the Philippines


Who needs to go through the Philippines ECC customs clearance? 2024 latest policy full analysis

Philippine ECC Customs Clearance Guide Philippine ECC (Exit Permit) is an exit permit document issued by the Philippine Immigration Bureau to prove the legal identity of an individual before leaving the Philippines. This article will introduce the processing materials and processes of Philippine ECC to help you better understand and handle Philippine E


How to solve the problem of Philippines blacklist with the same name? 2024 the latest analysis

Solve the problem of the blacklist of the same name in the Philippines and handle the certificate of no crime. When traveling to the Philippines or applying for a visa, problems with the blacklist of the same name are sometimes encountered, resulting in customs interception or visa denial. In view of this situation, there are corresponding solutions, mainly through NTSP to remove the blacklist of the same name, and obtain the law of the Philippines.


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Hong Kong Grand Bay Airlines opens flights to and from Manila! Five times a week!

According to Philippine media, on November 9, two international airlines have recently included Manila in their operations. Hong Kong-based Dawan Airlines (HB) has been operating five flights a week between Hong Kong and Manila since November 9, the report said. Grand Bay Airlines will be held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Greater Bay Area Airlines Opens Manila-Hong Kong Route

The Hong Kong-based Greater Bay Area Airlines (GBA) will launch flights between Manila and Hong Kong. The Manila-Hong Kong will operate five times a week from November 8, 2023. The airline said that in order to launch the Manila-Hong Kong service, GB


Heavy! 4 years of suspension! "Philippines Davao to China" flight finally resumed!

According to the report, the twice-weekly Davao-Quanzhou-Davao flight was launched on December 18, 2018, but was grounded in February 2020 due to the new crown epidemic. It is reported that the route is operated by Xiamen Boeing 737. Arturo Milan, co-chair of the Davao Regional Development Committee, said: "With


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How to handle the Philippine birth certificate? Who to find? How to authenticate?

What is a Philippine birth certificate? NSO PAS English called Birth Certificate birth certificate is a procedure to prove that a child was born in the Philippines, the Philippine birth certificate paper in China is equivalent to the "birth medical certificate", is to give the baby to declare household registration, nationality, proof of blood


Philippines Electronic Entry Form Filling Tutorial

The latest tutorial is here!!! The Philippine Immigration Bureau announced that starting from April 15, whether you are a Filipino or a foreigner (including Chinese citizens), you need to fill in a eTravel entry-exit electronic card to enter and exit the Philippines. Entry-exit electronic card to fill in the website: https:// etrave


Who leaves the Philippines need to apply for ECC-B? What materials need to be provided for ECC-B?

The last article introduced the ecc-A in detail, so today, EasyGo Easy Travel International will talk about ECC-B with you. What is ECC-B? ECC is divided into two types, ECC-A (also known as conventional ECC) and ECC-B. Who needs to leave the Philippines?


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Philippine degree return certification process

With the development of society and economy, more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad. In addition to a small number of choose to stay abroad to work and live, the vast majority of Chinese students choose to return to the embrace of the motherland. The motherland has also issued a series of welfare policies to encourage overseas students to return home,


Residence Requirements for Overseas Chinese Students in Philippines?

Residence Requirements for Overseas Chinese Students in Philippines? A: Philippine overseas Chinese students who want to take the joint examination of overseas Chinese students must meet the following residence requirements: both the examinee and his parents must obtain long-term or permanent residence in the country of residence, and have stayed in the country of residence for 2 consecutive years, with a cumulative residence of not less than 18 months within two years.


What are the conditions for studying in the Philippines?

What are the conditions for studying in the Philippines? A: Admission requirements do not require IELTS, TOEFL and other language scores, nor do they require higher graduation scores. Admission requirements for undergraduate courses 1.16 years old and above. 2. Graduated from Senior high school or Secondary specialized school or junior college. 3. Senior 2 or senior 3 students can apply for bachelor's degree courses such


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Should a third party issue visas to the Chinese? Will investigate the Philippine travel agency and lawyers!

According to Philippine media, on November 20, Philippine Attorney General Jesus Crispin Remurra (Jesus Crispin Remulla) suggested that VFS Global, a third-party service provider, should issue visas to Chinese citizens instead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Philippines will launch another "long-term visa"! Maximum stay is 24 months! Or another way to become a "vegetable farmer" into the Philippines?

The Judiciary Committee of the Philippine House of Representatives has discussed a bill that seeks to grant 12-month visas to digital nomads (foreigners who are employed abroad but use digital technology to work remotely). It is reported that the visa can be renewed for another 12 months. Under House Bill 81


Three Chinese and 13 Indonesian sailors rescued in Philippine waters!

According to Philippine media, on November 20, a container ship flying the Hong Kong flag of China rescued 16 foreign crew members of a chemical tanker in distress in the waters of North Irogo. Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commander Ronnie Gi




The Chinese Student Union of Waikato University in New Zealand held a lecture on "Safe Study Away from Fraud"

Yi You International, May 28-According to the WeChat Public Number of the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland, on May 18, the Chinese Student Union of the University of Waikato held a lecture on "Safe Study Abroad and Stay Away from Fraud". Consul Yu Liqun and Vice Consul Li Zhenyu of the Consulate General in Auckland, representatives of teachers from the International Department of Huaida and representatives of the relevant Chinese Federation of Students in Auckland were invited to attend, with about 150 in Hamilton


The Chinese Consulate General in Vladivostok issued safe and civilized travel precautions for Chinese tourists

E-Tour International, May 28. According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Vladivostok, the peak tourist season is approaching. The Chinese Consulate General in Vladivostok proposes that compatriots who plan to travel to all parts of the consular area are safe and civilized. Travel, pay attention to the following matters:<br /> 1. abide by the law and travel in a civilized manner. Under the the People's Republic of China Tourism Act (2013


Chinese Embassy in Hungary Releases Safety Reminder for Summer Travel to Hungary

E-Travel International, May 28. According to the WeChat official account of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, the summer tourist season is approaching. The Chinese Embassy in Hungary reminds Chinese citizens to raise their safety awareness and travel safely and happily. <br /> 1. should be prepared before leaving <br /> if you choose to travel to Hungary, please choose a qualified travel agency to join the tour and listen to the tour.


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