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How long can I apply again after a Cambodia visa is rejected

Date: 2023-09-26 PageView: 1059

Any country's visa will have the possibility of being refused, and Cambodia is no exception. Although Cambodia's pass rate is very high, there are still some people who will be refused, and many applicants want to apply again after being refused. So if Cambodia's visa is rejected, can you apply again many times?


Usually Cambodia can apply again immediately after being rejected, because the embassy does not specify how long the applicant cannot apply after being rejected. However, if the applicant applies again immediately after being rejected, the possibility of being rejected again is very high, so it is not recommended that the applicant apply immediately and can apply again after a period of time.

However, some applicants are eager to travel to Cambodia for their own reasons, so they hope to apply again after being rejected and can obtain a visa. If the applicant wants to apply immediately after being rejected, he can analyze the reasons for the rejection and then apply according to different situations. The following is an analysis of different rejection situations:

1. e-visa for Cambodia is denied

Applicants who have been rejected for an electronic visa must first determine whether there are any errors in the electronic Cambodian visa materials uploaded by themselves and the online application form. If there are errors, they can fill in the forms online again. They must ensure that the materials are correct. If there are no errors, they can appeal or send an email to the embassy to ask the reasons for the rejection. According to the reasons, applicants can consider sticker visas after being rejected for an electronic visa.

2. Cambodia sticker visa denied

Usually, the embassy will give the reason for the rejection after the sticker visa is rejected. If the applicant is blacklisted, has had an extension before, has a bad record, etc., the applicant is not recommended to apply again, but if it is a material problem, the applicant can submit it again after perfecting the material problem, or wait for a period of time before submitting it.

In fact, there are various reasons for visa refusal, which need to be analyzed according to the specific situation of the applicant. If the applicant is rejected, you can consult EasyGo International for handling. There will be professionals to answer the applicant and handle the visa. At the same time, it is suggested that if the applicant is not familiar with visa handling, he can find professionals to handle it so as not to have a record of visa refusal.



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