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How long can you stay after obtaining a visa for Cambodia

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The stay time after applying for a visa is the time that the holder can stay abroad. If he does not return to China in advance according to the requirements of the embassy, he will be overstaying, which will have a great impact on the applicant. How long can he stay after obtaining a Cambodian visa?


The stay time of the visa has a certain relationship with the applicant's travel country and travel purpose. If the applicant applies for an accompanying visa or some long-term work visa, the stay time will be issued according to the applicant's situation. However, most applicants handle tourism and business types, and the visa time they can obtain is not long.

At present, the stay time that applicants can obtain after applying for Cambodian tourist visa and business visa is 30 days, and the holder must return to China within 30 days after entering the country, otherwise it is overstaying. In this case, it will have a certain impact on the applicant, and it will have a certain impact when applying for a visa again or applying for a visa from other countries.

Although applicants can stay in Cambodia for 30 days after obtaining a Cambodian visa, it is recommended that holders do not stay for too long, because the time of each country is different, and the validity time of the visa will be calculated according to the time of the destination country. If the applicant is extended due to time difference, the loss outweighs the gain.

At the same time, after obtaining a Cambodian visa, the longer the holder stays, the greater the suspicion of the embassy on the application, especially for tourism. The embassy will think that the holder has the idea of illegal immigration, which will cause the embassy to refuse to apply for a visa again or extend the application time.

To sum up, you can stay for 30 days after obtaining a Cambodian visa, but it is easier for the person to apply again and suggest not to stay for a long time.



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