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How to Check Cambodia e-Visa Status

Date: 2023-09-26 PageView: 1313

After applying for Cambodia e-visa online, the most concerned thing is when Cambodia e-visa will be issued, so applicants want to always pay attention to the status of e-visa application, so how to check the status of Cambodia e-visa?


If you want to check the status of the e-visa, you first need to know how the applicant handles the e-visa for Cambodia, because there are two ways to handle the e-visa, one is to handle it online, and the other is to handle it by the Cambodian visa agency service center. The following are the query methods of the two handling methods.

1. online processing

After submitting the e-visa payment online, you can usually receive the e-visa in about two working days. If you do not receive it, you can log on to Cambodia's e-visa official website. After entering the home page, you can enter the inquiry mode by finding the check and change. It should be noted that you need to enter the reference number automatically formed by the system when applying and the applicant's email address.

Note: Applicants must pay attention to the check of mail. Sometimes, after the embassy sends mail, it will be automatically listed as spam by the mailbox, so it will not be displayed. Therefore, applicants should also check their own spam mailbox. If they cannot receive it, they can also download it directly on the official website online.

2. agent handling

After handling the application at the Cambodia Visa Service Center, the applicant can submit the visa materials through online customer service, and then the materials will be reviewed. If there is no problem, the operation will start. Generally, the results will be obtained in about three jobs after submitting the materials. The applicant can always pay attention to his visa status in the WeChat applet where he pays, or contact customer service to update in real time.



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