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How to get a Cambodian visa after it is signed out?

Date: 2023-11-16 PageView: 1338

Many Chinese citizens have the idea of going to Cambodia, but if they want to leave the country, they should apply for a visa in advance. Some people want to know how to get a Cambodian visa after it is signed?


Applicants for Cambodian visas can obtain Cambodian entry visas through sticker visas, electronic visas, and landing visas according to their actual conditions. However, the applicants can obtain visas in different ways by choosing different visa processing methods.

The sticker visa needs to be collected at the embassy or consulate.

When applying for a sticker visa, the applicant needs to go to the embassy to collect the visa in person after the visa is issued. When receiving the visa, the applicant does not need to carry much materials, as long as he/she carries the visa application certificate (acceptance certificate/payment slip) and the applicant's ID card.

If it is not convenient for an individual to collect it by himself, he will also entrust the relevant materials to others for collection by others. The materials that need to be prepared include the visa application certificate (acceptance certificate/payment form), the applicant's ID card, power of attorney, and the original and photocopy of the agent's ID card.

E-Visa Print Out Online

Those who apply for an electronic visa do not need to prepare paper materials. After the visa is issued, the embassy will directly send the visa to the personal mailbox in the form of mail, and the applicant does not need to collect it in person. Applicants only need to print out the Cambodian e-Visa page and bring it along with their passport.

landing visa can get it on the spot

Those who want to get an entry visa quickly can choose landing visa, because landing visa can get the landing approval on the same day. After the applicant arrives at the Cambodian airport with relevant materials, he can go through the relevant procedures and get the entry visa on the spot. Relatively speaking, it is the most time-saving and fastest.

For applicants, no matter which way to obtain a visa, they must carefully check whether all the information on the visa page is wrong, including passport number, name, date of birth, stay period, valid time, etc. If there is any problem, they should contact the embassy as soon as possible for modification.

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