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What about visas for Cambodia?

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With the rapid growth of tourism in recent years, Cambodia has attracted more tourists and become one of the countries with the fastest growth rate of tourists in recent years. We all know that a visa is required to travel to Cambodia, so how should a Cambodian visa be granted?


Cambodia visa types can be divided into two types: tourism and business. The stay period for tourism and business is 30 days and the validity period is 3 months.

Cambodia visa can be divided into three processing methods, applicants can apply for a visa through the following ways:

First, the visa.

Landing visa is available for applicants at Cambodian airports. The materials to be prepared include: visa application form (with a recent certificate photo attached), passport (valid for more than 6 months), photo, air ticket and hotel reservation form. The visa on arrival is the first choice for many applicants because of its fast issuing time and simple processing process.

However, Cambodia landing visa has no restrictions on exit ports, but entry is restricted by ports. Applicants should pay special attention when applying for visas.

Second, the sticker visa

Sticker visa requires applicants to prepare paper materials in advance and submit them to the embassy. The processing time is usually 3-5 working days, except for special circumstances. At present, Cambodia has an embassy in Beijing and consulates general in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, Nanning, Xi'an and Hong Kong.

Third, the electronic visa

Applicants can apply for Cambodia e-visa online, complete the online application form and pay by credit card. They can receive the visa by email in about 3-5 working days, print it out and take it with them when they go to Cambodia.

To sum up, applicants can apply for a Cambodian visa in the above three ways, and can choose a suitable method according to their own travel time and needs. None of the three methods may guarantee that they can be issued, or judge according to the conditions of the applicant.

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