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How to apply for Cambodia Visa

Date: 2023-11-16 PageView: 1332

Cambodia does not have a visa-free policy for China, so if you want to go to Cambodia, a visa is essential. Some people want to travel with their children. I don't know how children can apply for Cambodian visas?


Persons traveling to Cambodia, regardless of age, need to apply for a visa. If the purpose of entry for pleasure, you need to apply for a tourist visa. When children apply for Cambodia tourist visas, the whole process is the same as that of adults.

Persons going to Cambodia can choose various forms of tourist visas, such as paper visas, electronic visas and visa on arrival. The specific handling of different forms is different.

If you apply for a Cambodian sticker visa, you only need to provide your passport, photo, etc. The applicant can submit the materials directly to the collar area where he lives, or entrust the agency to apply. As long as the materials are no problem, they will generally be signed out smoothly.

Travelers to Cambodia can also apply for a Cambodian e-visa, fill in the information form online on the Cambodian e-visa officer's website, upload electronic materials such as passports and photos, complete the payment and submit the application, and sign it within 3-5 working days. However, there are restrictions on electronic visas at the port of entry. Therefore, applicants must know in advance when entering the country to avoid being unable to enter the country.

It is also more convenient to apply for a visa on arrival. When child applicants only need to bring their passports, photos, and round-trip air tickets to apply for a visa on arrival at the airport, the cost of a tourist visa on arrival is US $30, which is relatively favorable, and the whole process is relatively simple.

Landing visa does not restrict ports of entry, and can apply for landing visas at Cambodian aviation and land ports. The entry stay period is 30 days, and the tourist landing visa can be extended once.

To sum up, the process for children to apply for Cambodia tourist visa is the same as that for adults, and they should also be processed together with adults.



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