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Do I need to go to the visa center to apply for a Cambodia visa?

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Many countries have set up embassies in China. In order to facilitate applicants to submit materials, they have also set up visa centers. The visa center serves as a medium between the embassy and the applicants. However, not every embassy has a special center. Therefore, when submitting materials, applicants should first know where to submit materials.


Cambodia has only set up an embassy in China, and there is no visa center, so applicants can only go to the Cambodian embassy to apply for a visa, not to the visa center.

Cambodia has set up seven embassies in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming and Xi'an. Applicants can choose the nearest embassy to submit their applications according to their region.

Cambodian visas can be processed through electronic visas and sticker visas. Only applicants who apply for sticker visas need to submit their applications to the embassy, which accepts individuals to apply for visas themselves.

Applicants are required to prepare paper versions of all materials and arrange them in order. During the working hours of the embassy, they will go between 9 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday.

Due to the large number of people going to the embassy to submit applications every day, it takes a long time to queue up. Applicants can go to the Cambodian embassy in China as early as possible. In addition, applicants are required to review the materials in advance to avoid being unable to submit due to missing materials.

Generally speaking, Cambodian sticker visa requires 3-5 working days to sign, and the embassy's trial time is relatively fast, but the more troublesome thing is that applicants still need to go to the embassy to collect their passports after signing.

Therefore, applicants can also find agents to help them handle the case. The agents can help applicants submit information and retrieve their passports in time after signing out, saving applicants a lot of time.

If the applicant does not want to go to the embassy to submit the application, he can also choose to apply directly online. He can upload the electronic information directly, pay online and get an electronic visa, which has the same effect as the Cambodian sticker.



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