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Which people are likely to be refused visas to Cambodia

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Cambodia is a good country to apply for visas. Most applicants will be granted visas by the embassy as long as there is no problem with the materials. However, there are also some applicants whose own conditions are not good enough to be easily examined by the embassy. Which groups are easily refused visas by Cambodia?


In the process of applying for a Cambodian visa, if the applicant has any false materials or fictitious information, it may be rejected directly. Therefore, when filling in personal information, it must be filled in truthfully to avoid being discovered by the embassy because of false information, which will affect future visa applications.

Some applicants are easily rejected because they do not meet the requirements of the embassy:

1. Has been refused a Cambodian visa before or has a record of refusal from other countries.

2. Applicants who have committed bad acts in Cambodia before and have a bad impact on local public security are easily rejected.

3. If a criminal record can be found in the country, no country will allow persons with a criminal record to enter the country.

4. Applicants who have a previous record of detention or extension in Cambodia, or have a record of deportation in another country.

5. Frequent entry into Cambodia in a short period of time will make the embassy doubt whether the applicant's purpose is true and reliable.

Applicants with the above behaviors are usually the key objects to be examined by the embassy when applying for a Cambodian visa, and the difficulty in applying for a visa will increase a lot. Therefore, applicants should be more careful in preparing materials and not deliberately conceal the visa officer.

The above is only some of the reasons why visa applications are easily rejected. Whether the visa is passed or not is mainly related to other materials of the applicant, but whether the visa can be issued or not is still up to the embassy to make the final decision.



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