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Can I apply for an electronic visa to attend a meeting in Cambodia?

Date: 2023-10-20 PageView: 934

In order to strengthen cultural exchanges between Cambodia and China, the Cambodian embassy has introduced an electronic visa policy for Chinese citizens, which can facilitate more applicants to travel to Cambodia. However, electronic visa is not applicable to all visa types. The embassy stipulates that only people traveling to Cambodia can apply, so they cannot apply for electronic visa to attend meetings in Cambodia.


Although applicants who go to Cambodia to attend the meeting cannot apply for an electronic visa, they can apply for a visa by means of a sticker visa. They can only travel if they apply for a visa in China in advance. Moreover, there will be certain unstable factors in applying for landing visa, so it is still inconvenient for applicants.

However, it is not troublesome to apply for a Cambodian sticker visa. Applicants can find an agent or go to the embassy to apply. If they go to the embassy to apply, they need to submit materials to the nearest consular area. If the applicant does not want to go to the embassy to apply for a visa, they can also find an agent to help, saving time on the way back and forth.

Whether it is looking for an agent or applying for a visa by itself, the Cambodian embassy does not have many requirements for business visa materials. It only needs to provide the original passport and photos, and no invitation letter is required. This is also enough to prove that Cambodia's business visa is easy to handle.

In addition, the issuance time of Cambodian sticker visa will basically be about 3-5 working days. In addition, if applicants are in a hurry to travel, they can also apply for an urgent visa, which can be issued within 1-2 working days.

Therefore, applicants who go to Cambodia to attend the meeting can only apply for sticker visas, but applicants do not have to worry about the situation that sticker visas will be slow or difficult to sign out. The embassy's requirements for business visas are very loose, basically there is no false material, and there is basically no problem in getting a visa.



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