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Is it easy to apply for a business visa in Cambodia?

Date: 2023-08-26 PageView: 1449

During the epidemic, many embassies in China have been closed, and now very few countries can accept visas, Cambodia is one of the few countries that can accept visas, but because of the impact of the epidemic, the embassy does not accept all types of visas, only business visas, then Cambodia business is easy?


As we all know, applications for business visas require invitations, and invitations are more difficult to prepare during the epidemic, and visas for most countries are more difficult to apply for at will, but Cambodian visas are different, the embassy did not require applications to prepare invitation letters to apply, but to prepare basic materials.

When applying for a Cambodian business visa, the applicant provides: passport, photo, ID card and 50000 insurance policy. As long as these visa materials are prepared, the applicant can apply for a Cambodian business visa. No special materials or troublesome materials such as invitation letters are required to obtain the certificate.

In addition, when applying for a Cambodian visa, the time for the embassy to issue the visa has not increased, and it still takes about 2-3 working days to issue the visa. Even if it is mailed back and forth, the time for the applicant to get the visa is basically about one week, which will not take too long and will not affect the travel progress to a large extent.

In other words, generally speaking, Cambodian visa is relatively easy to apply for, which is currently the easiest type of visa to apply for in countries with open visa business. However, the validity period of Cambodian business visa is not long, and it is basically 3 months after the visa is issued.

Hint: The above visa issuing time and required visa materials are all required by our agency. If the applicant applies by himself, he/she also needs to contact the embassy in China.



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