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Can I apply for a Cambodian visa to study in the United States?

Date: 2023-08-26 PageView: 1200

In order to make children feel different educational style to cultivate children's independence, will choose to let children study abroad, the United States is one of the preferred countries, but affected by the epidemic, the pace of going to the United States to study forced to stop, then go to the United States to study can apply for a Cambodian visa?


There was a period of time when a large number of interview places for American F1 visas in Beijing and Guangzhou were opened, but they have been canceled in a short period of time. According to the actual situation, it is still difficult to apply for American visas in China, so there are already many People choose to enter Cambodia and then apply for a US visa, which is a better way for people who need to study abroad.

In other words, you can still apply for a Cambodian visa to study in the United States, and the advantage is still relatively large. You can stay in Cambodia for about 14 days and then fly to the United States.

Although this is a good way to change channels for entry, this method also has certain disadvantages. If it is not recommended for some students with poor conditions, it is not recommended to use this method. First of all, the cost of air tickets from China to Cambodia is not low, and it is not always possible to apply for a US visa in Cambodia.

Because foreigners do not have long-term residence status or Cambodian passports in Cambodia, the U.S. embassy in Cambodia will also doubt the purpose of the applicants, and now only business types can be applied for Cambodian visas, while the holders holding business visas are always untrue when applying for study visas.

If the applicant thinks that he can try, seize an opportunity and can accept a higher fee after entering Cambodia, he can still try, but for those with average conditions, it is recommended to think more and finally decide whether to apply for a Cambodian visa.

Fortunately, Cambodia visa processing is relatively simple, only the applicant needs to prepare: passport, photo, ID card, insurance, nucleic acid negative certificate and other materials can be submitted to the agent for application.



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