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Can Cambodia apply for an electronic visa?

Date: 2023-08-26 PageView: 1274

Many people like to apply for e-visas because of the advantages of fast issuing time and simple materials. Therefore, many countries have e-visas, and so is Cambodia. Many tourists apply for e-visas when they go there. However, due to the epidemic, all visas have been suspended. However, it is now known that they can enter the country. Can Cambodia apply for e-visas?


According to the latest notice issued by Cambodia's e-visa website, the suspension of e-visa issuance has been postponed again, and according to the epidemic situation, the embassy will decide when to apply for e-visa, so it is not possible to apply for e-visa at present, let alone for e-visa entry.

However, although it is not possible to apply for an electronic visa, Cambodia has already opened a business visa. Applicants for business visits can apply for a business visa to enter Cambodia, but the business visa is in the form of a sticker visa, so the applicant needs to submit the paper-based materials to the embassy for labeling, and return them to the applicant after signing.

Moreover, the business visa materials are also different from the previous ones, with the addition of insurance and nucleic acid test reports. Applicants need to buy an insurance with a coverage of 50,000 US dollars when submitting their visa applications, and then do a nucleic acid test within 72 hours before entering the country. They can enter the country with the nucleic acid test report stamped in English.

Therefore, applicants who want to apply for Cambodia e-visa need to wait patiently for a period of time. If necessary, applicants who must go abroad can apply for business visa according to the purpose of entry. If necessary, applicants can contact our online customer service. If Cambodia has any news or can apply for e-visa, our company will update the status in time and applicants can get the news in time.

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