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Has the Philippine travel permit been suspended? What if you want to return home?

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Because of the epidemic, government agencies in many countries are now in a state of shutdown, so many Chinese people abroad will worry about their return to China. If you want to return from the Philippines normally, you need a relevant visa. Although it is an epidemic, the Philippine Immigration Bureau has also opened a green channel, providing a special processing channel for foreigners who want to return home, so that everyone can quickly apply for a visa to return home. However, some people need to reissue their travel permits when their visas are lost, so can they return home after suspending the application.


Has the Philippine travel permit been suspended

When the epidemic situation was serious, the Philippines also took home isolation measures, so both the Chinese embassy and the Philippine Immigration Bureau did not work. The current epidemic prevention form has been improved to a certain extent. Therefore, the Philippines has begun to resume certain office conditions through online appointment, which means that everyone can apply for a replacement travel permit on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, in the case of data submission, you can wait for the successful handling. If there are photos that cannot be uploaded or other problems, you need to go to the embassy to handle them, then you must make an appointment in advance., Business cannot be handled without an appointment. The same is true for the Philippine Immigration Service.

One more thing to note is that the visa application is two hours from 9 am to 11 am, so don't miss this time.

How quickly to return home from the Philippines during the outbreak

If your visa can be used directly, then you can buy back air tickets and return home smoothly. If you have lost your visa, you need to reissue your travel permit at the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines according to the procedures, and then go to the Immigration Bureau to reissue your entry visa to return home. Another option is to directly choose customs protection, that is, without a certificate, you can return to China directly if you choose someone to guarantee it. However, whether you can re-enter the Philippines in the later period will also be a problem. Moreover, it is not a safe choice because the Philippines is now relatively strict in its investigation.

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