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How soon can a Chinese boy get married in the Philippines?

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Love is a matter of no national boundaries, so many people choose to start a family there when they work in the Philippines. This situation also provides a convenience for many people, that is, they can successfully immigrate to the Philippines, and the time and money spent are more cost-effective. How soon can a Chinese boy get married in the Philippines and become naturalized.


Naturalization Requirements in Philippines

If you want to be naturalized in the Philippines, first of all, for the people of their own country, it is through naturalization by descent and naturalization by birth to decide whether their children can be directly naturalized in the Philippines. For foreigners, the naturalization rules that need to be followed are naturalization, that is, they must live in the Philippines for a long time and stable for more than 10 years. During this period, they cannot leave the Philippines, and everyone cannot be in the Philippines. There are any illegal and criminal acts. Only in this way can we successfully apply for naturalization in the Philippines after 10 years. Therefore, most people will choose to immigrate first, that is, to obtain permanent residence status in the Philippines, that is, to deposit a certain amount in a bank designated by the Philippines, they can obtain the right to permanent residence, so that they can live in the Philippines for more than 10 years.

How soon can a Chinese boy get married in the Philippines?

After understanding the naturalization policy, everyone knows that it takes 10 years to get naturalized, but if you marry a Filipino, it only takes 5 years to apply. At the same time, you can apply for a marriage visa after you marry a Filipino. First, you can apply for a one-year marriage visa, then you can apply for a five-year marriage visa after the expiration, and then you can directly apply for the right to permanent residence, you can also choose to apply for naturalization in the Philippines. It's all right at this time.

However, everyone who wants to get married should know that the Philippines is a country where divorce is illegal. If you go to divorce after getting married in the Philippines, it will also affect your application for naturalization, so the formal way of naturalization is more reliable. If you get married because of the relationship between two people, that's the best thing.

For naturalization in the Philippines, if you have any other questions, you can consult our platform customer service, which will provide you with more professional services.

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