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The Philippine Visa and Immigration Bureau can't find it. Is it fake?

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When going to the Philippines normally, everyone needs to apply for relevant visas according to their own needs, and this visa is the certificate for their normal work and travel in the Philippines, and because a large number of people go to the Philippines every year in a state of non-conformity, the Philippines is very strict with visa checks. As long as it is found, it will face the problem of being repatriated. Therefore, when you go abroad, you have to apply for a visa through formal channels. If your Philippine Visa and Immigration Bureau cannot find it, then there is the possibility of a fake. What should you do if you encounter this kind of thing?


What if the Philippine Visa and Immigration Bureau cannot find it

As long as the visa is applied for in the Philippine embassy, it can be found in the Philippine Immigration Bureau, that is to say, regular visas are filed in the embassy, and even landing visa can only be handled through the affirmation of the Immigration Bureau. If you can't find your visa in the Immigration Bureau, then there is only one possibility left, that is, there is something wrong with your visa. If this is the case, you can try to deal with the loss of your own documents. First, you can apply for the loss of your visa to the police station. Then you can get the visa loss certificate issued by the police station. Then you can go to the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines to reissue your travel permit. After reissuing your travel permit, you can go to the Philippine Immigration Bureau to apply for the relevant entry visa. After all the formalities are completed, you can return.

How to Apply for Philippine Visa

The visa problem may be due to a problem with the processing method you choose, so the visa you have obtained cannot be found at the Philippine Immigration Bureau. Therefore, if you want to apply for a visa in the Philippines, first of all, you can apply to the Philippine embassy in China, or you can choose a reliable agency to handle it. Either way, you can ensure that your visa can be found in the Philippine Immigration Bureau, that is, a valid identity certificate. In this way, you can feel very at ease whether you travel or work in the Philippines. Other ways will have certain risks, so we should choose a reasonable way to do it.

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