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What procedures do Filipinos need to go to China and how long can they stay in China?

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Whether Filipinos or people from other countries want to come to China, they must apply for relevant visas. Visa processing needs to be completed in the Philippines. Foreigners applying for Chinese visas also need to submit materials for review in accordance with relevant regulations. If they can pass the review, the application can be completed. The residence time in China is also determined according to the type of visa. Under normal circumstances, the visa processing time in the embassy is relatively short. If there are other needs, it can be extended in China. So here, I 'd like to introduce to you what procedures Filipinos need to prepare to go to China.


What procedures do Filipinos need to go to China

The most important thing for Filipinos to go to China is their own visa. According to the purpose of going to China, they can apply for relevant visa types. In this case, everyone can apply for tourist visa, work visa, business visa, family visit visa, etc. The information to be submitted is my valid identity document, and I need to fill in the visa application form, and submit my 2-inch photo, proof of no criminal record, proof of personal financial resources, if I need to stay in China for more than one year, I also need to provide relevant health certificates.

After the relevant information is submitted completely, you can get your own visa through examination. Because it is during the epidemic, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines now applies for the relevant visa by filling in the form online. If it is necessary to go to the embassy to handle the business, it can only be handled after making an appointment. One more time to make clear is the time for the embassy to apply for a visa from 9: 00 a.m. to 11: 00 a.m. on weekdays. So don't miss it.

How long can Filipinos stay in China after applying for visas

Different visa types have different validity periods, and the time of residence in China is also very different. For example, the validity period of a tourist visa is half a year, which means that you can go to China at any time in the past six months, but the stay time It cannot exceed one month. If you want to stay in China within the validity period, you need to go to the relevant Chinese departments to apply for visa extension. The work visa lasts for a long time, and the family visit visa is also a better choice for long-term residence in China. The short-term residence time is 180 days, and the long-term residence time can be longer.

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