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How long can you stay in the Philippines with a Philippine tourist visa?

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If you travel to the Philippines, you need to apply for a tourist visa. In order to allow more people to travel to the Philippines, the Philippines has also proposed a lot of preferential policies. The visa-free policy from landing has attracted many people to choose the Philippines as the first destination for overseas travel. However, before going abroad, you can know how long your visa can stay in the Philippines and what kind of price you will have to bear if it is overdue.


How long can you stay in the Philippines with a Philippine tourist visa?

For those who go to the Philippines, the specific stay time in the Philippines is set according to everyone's itinerary, so if you want to stay for different times, the visa time will be different. You can apply for sticker visa or landing visa to travel. Generally speaking, a sticker visa is a single opportunity to enter the Philippines, and it is valid for 3 months. The time you can stay in the Philippines is about 30 days or 14 days.

On the other hand, landing visa type tourist visa can stay in the Philippines for 30 to 59 days. If you need to stay in the Philippines for a longer time, you can also apply for extension. The longest validity period is 6 months. Therefore, it is relatively more appropriate to travel to the Philippines to apply for a visa-on-arrival type tourist visa.

If you travel to the Philippines with a tour group of government witnesses, you can also enjoy a 30-day visa-free trip, but the tour group must sign a guarantee to ensure that everyone can return to the country according to the time on the guarantee after the validity period.

Materials Required for Philippine Tourist Visa Processing

Under normal circumstances, everyone travels to the Philippines with the tour group, so as long as they submit their valid identity documents to the tour group, all the processes and materials are prepared and filled in by the tour group, and they only need to ensure that there is no problem with their identity information.

If you are an individual applying for a tourist visa, you can download the visa application form on the official website of the Philippine embassy and print it yourself. after the printing is completed, you can fill in the form according to the above regulations. after the completion of the application, you can submit it for examination. if the examination is passed, you will be notified to obtain evidence. if the visa is returned, you will also have a receipt.

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