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Are Filipino-born naturalized immigrants reliable

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Conceptually speaking, immigration and naturalization are actually very different. Immigrating to the Philippines has not changed your nationality, but your place of residence has changed. Naturalization means that you have given up your Chinese nationality and chosen your Philippine nationality, that is to say, you are no longer Chinese, you are Filipino. Therefore, when we are figuring out the concept, we will study the reliability of birth naturalization and immigration.


Introduction to Philippine Immigration Methods

At present, the Philippines provides two ways of immigration for Chinese citizens, one is retired immigration and the other is investment immigration.

Retired immigrants are divided into the classic plan and the smile plan. In the classic plan, people aged 35 to 49 deposit US $50,000 in a designated bank in the Philippines. People over 50 can get the right to live permanently in the Philippines and obtain the status of immigrants after depositing US $20,000 in a designated bank in the Philippines. However, this part of the deposit cannot be withdrawn at will, otherwise, it will be regarded as an automatic renunciation of Philippine immigration status.

The content of the smile plan is the same as that of the classic plan, except that his deposit can be used as a real estate investment, that is, as a fund to buy a house in the Philippines.

The way to invest in immigration is to invest 75,000 US dollars in the Philippines. You can create your own company or invest in existing companies in the Philippines to obtain the status of investment immigration.

The relationship between naturalization patterns and immigration in the Philippines

Immigrants have obtained the right to live permanently in the Philippines, but you are not Filipino, and you are a Filipino citizen after naturalization. For foreigners, the choice of naturalization is naturalization. In the naturalization regulations, people who have lived in the Philippines for more than 10 years can apply and have not left the Philippines in this decade.

The convenience of immigrants is that they can obtain the right to live permanently in the Philippines, and then they can apply for naturalization in the Philippines after they have legally lived in the Philippines for more than 10 years. If you marry a Filipino, or work in a Philippine government agency or work as a teacher, you can shorten the time limit to more than 5 years.

The naturalization of birth in the Philippines refers to a person born in the Philippines. A person's biological information cannot appear in two places at the same time, so the later naturalization method is more reliable.

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