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The newly released Philippine SEC13 grand amnesty visa, congratulations to Mr. Lin on his immigration permit

Date: 2022-12-17

After more than half a month, Mr. Lin's SEC13 amnesty immigration was finally approved. Congratulations to Mr. Lin for mentioning the status of overseas Chinese, and he can enjoy the relevant policies of overseas Chinese from now on.


What is SEC13 amnesty for immigrants?

Philippine SEC13 Quota Immigration Visa, or Philippine Quota Green Card, the Philippine government grants foreign citizens the privilege of emigration based on the principle of reciprocity, giving each country 50 quotas per year. Obtain the immigration privilege and obtain an immigration visa to stay in the Philippines for a long time. The visa is valid for 5 years and will be automatically renewed after 5 years. The visa can carry spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old.

What are the benefits of SEC13 amnesty for immigrants?

1. After obtaining identity for 10 years, you can formally apply for naturalization and take a Philippine passport. This is a legal identity. The passport issued is born in China and can be used for entry and exit. In addition, the Philippines allows dual passports to achieve dual citizenship;

2. You can work in the Philippines without applying for an additional work permit;

3, can be used as a third country green card to apply for immigration from other countries;

4. You can go to school in the Philippines. The policies and fees are the same as those of local students. You can also return to China as an overseas Chinese to take the college entrance examination;

5. Only the Philippine local crime-free certificate is required, and the Chinese crime-free certificate is not required;

6, children can inherit the identity;

7, can carry a spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old;

8. It is especially convenient to cooperate with foreign passports for entry and exit;

If you want to obtain the status of overseas Chinese, so that your children can go to key universities with low scores, enjoy the Philippine development bonus, enjoy tax relief and exemption, and easily immigrate to Spain, please contact us at Yiyou International and contact the hotline: 13322766710 (with WeChat)



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