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Chinese Embassy in Nepal reminds Chinese citizens in Nepal to stay away from cross-border gambling

Date: 2024-04-30 PageView: 3968
E-Tour International, April 30. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, on April 29, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal issued a statement reminding Chinese citizens in Nepal to stay away from cross-border gambling.
The statement stated that a few days ago, some Chinese citizens suffered heavy property losses due to gambling in Nepal and were involved in criminal cases. The lessons are profound. The Chinese Embassy in Nepal solemnly reminds Chinese citizens in Nepal to enhance their legal awareness and stay away from gambling.
1. know the law and recognize the illegality of cross-border gambling. China's law prohibits gambling, and the amendment to the Criminal Law has formally criminalized cross-border gambling and severely cracked down on illegal and criminal activities of cross-border gambling. Even if overseas casinos are legally opened, our citizens are suspected of violating our laws in cross-border gambling, especially participating in organizing gambling and gambling, and may be held accountable in accordance with the law.
2. clean up and recognize the dangers of cross-border gambling. "Ten bets and ten frauds" and "ten bets and ten losses", people who are involved in gambling are lightly in gambling debts and scattered family wealth, and in serious cases, their wives and children are separated, and their families are broken. Vicious crimes such as crime have caused serious harm to themselves and their families, and cross-border gambling may also bring risks such as trafficking and smuggling.
3., China's Ministry of Public Security has opened a comprehensive reporting platform for cracking down on cross-border gambling. If you have any clues about Chinese citizens' opening or operating casinos abroad, organizing and soliciting Chinese citizens to gamble abroad or participating in cross-border online gambling, you are welcome to report through the following methods:
(1) Log on to the Ministry of Public Security's "Comprehensive Reporting Platform for cracking down on cross-border gambling" (website link: gambling).
(2) Send an email to the report mailbox
(3) Send fax to 0086-010-6626-1404 to report.
(4) pay attention to the WeChat public number of "refuse cross-border gambling" and enter the online window of "I want to report" to report.
in case of emergency, please call the following telephone numbers for assistance:
Nepal alarm number: 100
Nepal tourism police number: 1144 or 977-01-4247041
consular protection and assistance number of Chinese embassy in Nepal: 977-01-4531511
consular protection and service emergency call center of the Ministry of foreign affairs: 0086-10-12308, 0086-10-65612308

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