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The renewal of Philippine permanent residence ID card, overdue, lost/replacement, etc.

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From the Philippine Immigration Bureau General Administration, special, patent, exclusive, Philippine permanent residence visa, refers to: the Republic of the Philippines, the National Immigration Act passed, directly granted.Filipino immigrantsThe general bureau of the bureau is dedicated, dedicated, and has not been jointly issued by other agencies ~! The top-level permanent immigrant residence identity card is granted to national persons or business aliens to facilitate free entry into and exit from the Philippines. The above are all golden god-level immigrants, but they can't be found, and they can have them if they have money. Also have fate!
For example, the 7919 category is of great god level, limited edition, out of print, on the market or in circulation. The above identity is permanent and never expires. Regular only 5 years a renewal card. Unrestricted childbirth, unlimited attachment of children, countless companies in the Philippines, legal work, exempt from the approval of the Ministry of Labor, and exempt from labor cards. (Not worried about reports from Filipino employees)
the above permanent residence identity cardOverdueChange ID card id before.

* * According to Philippine national regulations, you can go to the Philippine Immigration Bureau to take photos, update the archives and renew the ID card within 6 months in advance before the iD is valid for 5 years. (Otherwise, a high period penalty will be incurred)


Philippine permanent residence ID card replacement is divided into 2 categories
Category 1: Persons in the Philippines: Persons who choose to come to the General Administration of Immigration to renew/renew their permanent residence ID cards.
Category 2: Persons who do not have leisure time to the General Administration of Immigration or: Applicants who are outside the Philippines to renew/renew their permanent residence ID cards.

* * * * [Class 2 replacement certificate/overdue/lost/replacement, etc. can be submitted to EasyGo branches in China and Philippines]]


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