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How to apply for a Philippine marriage certificate?

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PhilippinesMarriage CertificateThe book is applied by the Philippine City Hall; it is a legally recognized marriage procedure issued by the national government of the Republic of the Philippines. It means that anyone in the world is welcome, regardless of nationality or skin color. As long as both men and women are of legal age, fall in love with each other, fall in love with the Philippines, and make sure that their eyes will die together. You can apply for a marriage certificate and register as a husband and wife. The marriage certificate, globally recognized and universal, proves that both of you are legal husband and wife and has the legal effect of globally recognized legal husband and wife.
Philippine marriage certificates are widely used. There have also been a large number of real cases: both couples applied for one more marriage certificate at the same time in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places, including the Philippines (today's trendy language: love life and love stamp collecting). The marriage certificate has a wide range of uses and is applicable to: giving the other party a lifetime name, various visas, family visit visas, preparation of children, registration of children, residence, immigration, and property distribution certificates, notary certification purposes, to the third country springboard immigration necessary.

Accepted object:
Any person in the world, not limited to the country! Unlimited skin color!
People in the global scope, accept to handle!


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