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New visa policy for Cambodia in 2024: 5 changes you must know

Date: 2024-02-21 PageView: 4572

The new Cambodia visa policy will be implemented in 2024. For travelers and immigrant applicants planning to go to Cambodia, these changes will directly affect their visa application and entry experience. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the five major changes to Cambodia's new visa policy in 2024 to help you better understand the impact of the new policy on you.

1. Expanding the coverage of electronic visas
-Previously only citizens of a few countries could apply for e-Visa for Cambodia, the new policy will expand the coverage of e-Visa to enable tourists and business travelers from more countries to obtain e-Visa through online application.
-For example, citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries will have a more convenient way to obtain Cambodia e-visa, greatly saving time and effort in applying for a visa.

2. Preferential policies for long-term residence visa
-Cambodia will introduce preferential policies for long-term residence visas to attract more foreign investors, highly skilled talents and retirees to settle in Cambodia.
-Comparison: What are the advantages of long-term residence visa requirements and benefits in Cambodia compared to other countries?

3. Strengthen the review of visa applications
-The new policy will strengthen the review of visa applications to ensure the true identity of visa applicants and the purpose of entry and exit, as well as reduce the occurrence of illegal stay and work.
-Argument: enhanced examination will make it more difficult to approve visa applications, and applicants will need to provide more adequate materials to prove their travel purpose and identity information.

4. New visa categories and treatment
-The new policy may add some special types of visa categories, such as cultural exchange visas and medical visas, to meet the needs of different groups of people.
-For example, Cambodia may introduce customized visa policies for tourists from specific countries or regions to promote tourism development.

5. Adjustment of e-visa fees
-It is expected that the new policy will adjust the application fee for e-visas and may also adjust the fees for other visa categories.
-Answer the question: Is the cost of e-visa likely to increase or decrease? What are the practical implications for applicants?

In this view, the adjustment of the new Cambodian visa policy in 2024 will have different degrees of impact on different types of visa applicants and immigrants. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the official information in time, and carefully understand the specific content of the new policy before preparing your visa application, so as to better plan your trip to Cambodia.



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