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Does a Nigerian visa require proof of non-criminality?

Date: 2023-10-11 PageView: 1531

The certificate of no criminal record is generally used for admission, joining the army, going abroad or employment. The unit to which it belongs needs to prove that there is a false criminal record, and then goes to the public security organ to issue it, thus issuing a certificate to the required unit. For going abroad, many countries require this certificate, so does the Nigerian visa require a certificate of no criminal record?


According to the purpose of entry, the types of Nigerian visas that can be applied for are also different. For tourism purposes, landing visa can be applied for. Only scanned copies of the front page of the passport, electronic photos and scanned copies of ID cards are required. Business sticker signatures require materials such as passports, photos, photocopies of ID cards and certificates of no criminal records. Therefore, the requirements for providing this material are different according to the types.

When applying for a business visa, the applicant needs to go to the police station where his household registration is located to issue a certificate that has no criminal record so far from birth. It also needs to go through the process of stamping by the Public Security Bureau before it can be officially submitted.

In addition to proof of no criminal record, Nigeria's business visa also requires on-the-job certificate, photocopy and translation of business license, invitation letter, certificate of company's round-trip funds, air tickets and hotel reservation forms, etc. There are many requirements for materials and preparation takes time. Applicants are advised to prepare their applications as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, the types of applications are different, and the requirements for proof of no criminal record for Nigerian visas are also different. Usually, travel visas are not required, but they must be provided when entering the country for business visits and other purposes. Applicants can go to the police station to issue them and then submit them together with other materials.



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