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How long can a Kenya visa be valid?

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Different from the visa stay period, the validity period is relatively long, that is, it can be valid for a long time, which is convenient for applicants to travel and stay. However, in some countries, the validity period is relatively short, and they can only leave as soon as possible after the visa is issued, so as not to delay the travel due to expiration. How long can the Kenya visa be valid after the visa is issued?


When processing a Kenyan visa, you need to provide passports, photos, ID cards and other materials, which will be submitted to the embassy for review after preparation. After the visa is issued, it is usually valid for 90 days and can stay for 30 days, that is, it can be valid for a single round trip within three months., The longest stay is one month, so the effective number of days is not long.

According to the type of application, the materials to be provided are also different. Travel visas only require basic materials, while business visas also require invitation letters and other materials. However, electronic visas can be applied for or sticker visas for travel purposes. The validity period and stay period after the two visas are the same, but the processing steps, time and materials are different.

Generally, Kenya's e-visa is issued relatively quickly, taking only three working days. The normal processing of sticker visa is nine to ten working days, and it is five to six working days after urgent application. The issuance is relatively slow, and paper materials must be submitted to the embassy. This process is more time-consuming. It is not as simple as the application process of electronic visa, and the issuance is faster. Applicants can choose according to their own situation.

In general, regardless of the type, the Kenyan visa can be valid for three months after the visa is issued, and a single entry can stay for up to one month. However, depending on the type and form of processing, the materials, steps and time are all Different, it is recommended that applicants have a clear understanding before processing.



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