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Details of the most important time to know when to apply for a Dubai visa

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Dubai is undoubtedly synonymous with wealth, which has attracted more and more tourists to travel here, so when do you need to know when to apply for a Dubai tourist visa?


How long in advance is the Dubai tourist visa required?

The UAE electronic visa is required to go to Dubai. The application is at least 8 working days in advance. The information is very simple. A scanned copy of the passport and photo can be printed on A4 paper after the visa is issued.

Although it is said that the visa application can be made at least 7 working days in advance, and the visa application will be made within 5-7 working days if the processing time is smooth (the so-called working days do not include Saturday and the legal rest time), it is still suggested that the visa application can be made one month in advance if conditions permit, especially if the embassy is too busy to handle the travel during the peak tourist season, which may be delayed. Therefore, the application should be made as early as possible, in case special circumstances arise.

Urgent Visa Processing in Dubai, UAE

If time is short, the UAE Embassy provides Dubai tourist visa urgent service, which can be shortened by 2-3 working days. If the applicant chooses to handle the urgent, he/she will have to pay the corresponding urgent fee.

Dubai Tourist Visa Validity and Entry Time

The Dubai visa is valid for 2 months and the stay period is 1 month. You must enter the country within two months after you get the visa. You can stay for up to one month after entering the country. If you want to continue to stay, you can apply for renewal, otherwise you will be fined and held accountable for illegal detention.

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