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Is it easy to apply for a Dubai work visa?

Date: 2023-08-02 PageView: 1476

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The economy is very prosperous, attracting many tourists to visit, and because Dubai's overall economic level is relatively high, more and more people want to work in recent years, but many people do not know How to apply for a work visa, would you like to ask if it is easy to apply for a work visa in Dubai?


To apply for a Dubai work visa, the applicant is required to provide a color scan of the front page of the passport, an electronic photo and a scan of the ID card. It can be seen from the materials that there is no requirement for the applicant's assets, only basic materials are required, so the Dubai work visa is relatively easy to apply.

Moreover, the work visa is an electronic visa return. The processing process is that the agency first sends the applicant's materials to the Immigration Bureau. After examination, the internal system of the Immigration Bureau decides whether to issue the visa to the applicant. If the visa is decided to be issued, it will be uploaded directly to the official website. The applicant can download it directly from the website without going to the embassy in person. The whole process is very convenient.

However, the embassy requires men to be over 22 years old and women to be over 23 years old before they can apply separately. If the applicant is a minor, he must provide a medical certificate of birth and handle it with his parents. It should also be noted that if the applicant is unemployed, he may need to provide Dubai visa materials such as the original guarantee certificate.

Generally speaking, Dubai's work visa is relatively easy to handle, and once the applicant obtains the visa, he will have a three-year validity period and a stay period, and he can work in the country for three years. However, it should be noted that the visa may be issued for a single entry. If the single entry applicant cannot return home midway, he must apply again once he returns home.



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