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Hong Kong Investment Immigration Expected to Attract HK $more than 200 billion to Hong Kong!

Date: 2023-04-21 PageView: 1387

At the beginning of 2023, the Hong Kong Immigration Department announced that it would put the reopening of investment immigration on the agenda in April this year. On April 19, Chen Haolian, Deputy Secretary for financial services and the Treasury of Hong Kong, said at the Legislative Council meeting: "the new scheme will roughly follow the framework and application qualifications of the original investor entry scheme, which will be officially launched within this year."


Different from before:

► Consider RMB-denominated assets;

The multiple of the investment amount increased, some experts estimated it was 20 million, but the official did not give accurate information;

The scope of investment has also been adjusted to exclude real estate investment, and consideration will be given to increasing asset classes other than financial assets that are conducive to Hong Kong's long-term development, including innovative technology companies, green bonds issued by the government, and infrastructure bonds.


According to Hong Kong's current attraction for talents, investment immigration experts conservatively estimate that there will be 8,000 applications in the first year, which is expected to attract more than 200 billion funds to Hong Kong.

Required application materials

► Proof of assets

The most essential material for investment immigration is the asset certificate, which proves that in the two years before the principle is approved or officially approved, there are no less than the specified amount of net assets, global real estate, stocks, funds, and bank deposits.

Small country identity.

First apply for a foreign green card with a lower threshold, and then apply for Hong Kong investment immigration. For example, the Vanuatu Green Card.

As a bridge between the mainland and the world, Hong Kong has advantages in finance, business, children's education and other fields. For example, people with Hong Kong status can enjoy a maximum of 15% personal income tax subsidy when working in the Greater Bay area. Entrepreneurship and employment in the mainland can also enjoy a lot of welfare subsidies; visa-free or visa-on-arrival can be 160 to more than one country and region.


Hong Kong's advantage of "relying on the motherland and connecting the world" is well received by high-net-worth individuals. A large number of Chinese assets have been withdrawn from Switzerland and the United States. Hong Kong has become the first choice to prove this.

In addition, the middle class in the mainland is also actively applying for Hong Kong status. In the multiple talent introduction programs launched in Hong Kong, mainland applicants account for more than 90%. At present, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government has issued a number of policies to welcome talents. Applicants who are interested in applying for Hong Kong status are welcome to contact your exclusive consultant or add a small editor WeChat [EasyGo_kf] for more details.



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