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Where does the Philippine visa need to be reissued and how long does it take?

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In the Philippines, no matter what you do, you need to have relevant documents. When you lose your visa in the Philippines, you can't go through any formalities you want. In the Philippines, no matter what you do, you should pay attention to the complete documents. Then where should you reissue your visa when it is lost? Next, I will tell you in detail.


The place where the Philippines reissues the visa is in the Philippine Immigration Bureau. The Philippine Immigration Bureau has a branch and a general bureau. You can apply wherever it is convenient for you to apply. This can be handled. When your visa is overdue, you need to pay the overdue fee before you can continue to reissue it. Generally, as long as your visa is overdue for less than 5 months, you can normally resign it. When it is overdue for more than 6 months, you need to pay a fine. It takes about two weeks for individuals to reissue their visas, and it takes about one week for us to visit International.

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