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How should Philippine landing visa return home if it is overdue? What procedures do you need to go through

Date: 2022-06-06 PageView: 1929

When the landing visa policy came out, it was always in a very popular state. At that time, because it was simple and convenient to apply, it was the fastest visa to enter the Philippines. Therefore, many people began to enter the Philippines without understanding the landing visa policy of the Philippines. As a result, many people were overdue in landing visa of the Philippines. How should such a situation be handled if they want to return home? Next, I will tell you in detail.


The Philippine visa on arrival is a visa introduced by the Philippine government in 2017. It is mainly to promote the Philippine economy and promote the development of friendship between the two countries. China is indeed very powerful. In response to the policy, many people apply for visa on arrival to enter the Philippines, some of them travel in the Philippines, and some work in the Philippines. No matter what the reason, a large number of people have entered the Philippines with visa on arrival since 2019 and stayed in the Philippines, so what procedures do people in landing visa need to go through if they want to return home.

Landing visa is a visa that cannot be renewed, so people who are still in landing visa are definitely overdue in the Philippines, so it is not difficult for you to return home. If your current status is not a blacklist, you can go back directly to return home and contact our online customer service directly to handle it for you. There is another situation, that is, you are overdue for a long time, if it is already a blacklist, then if you want to return to China like this, you will not be able to return it. You need to remove the blacklist first so that you can go through the formalities.

The above introduction is basically over. If you belong to the above situation, you can contact our online customer service to handle the relevant procedures for you. When you want to check whether your status is blacklisted, it is also very simple. Just give us a screenshot of the first page of your passport. Don't worry if you have any questions in the Philippines. Don't panic. Just contact us directly. Our online customer service will give you a professional answer.




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