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Do I need to be present for the Philippine marriage certificate? What materials do you need?

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Now no matter where you are, you must hurry up and start when you meet a girl you like. It is unstable not to get married now. Once you apply for a marriage certificate, everyone is bound by responsibility, which is also convenient for you to live a more legal life in the future. Just like the procedures that need to be handled for giving birth now require relevant certificates to enter the house, so what should you do when you want to apply for a marriage certificate in the Philippines, next tell you in detail.


Many people living in the Philippines will set up families there. So is it as simple to apply for a marriage certificate in the Philippines as in China? In fact, it is not. Marriage in the Philippines is different from that in China. Marriage in China can be divorced, but divorce is not allowed if you get married in the Philippines, so it is not that simple to apply for marriage in the Philippines.

Materials for Philippine Marriage Certificate

1. Passport, single affidavit certified after ID card, authentication refers to the double authentication between China and Philippines

2. Filipino birth paper, single oath certificate

3. The English version of the love affidavit can be written by ordinary Filipino girls.

4. Names of both parents

5, work certificate, or property certificate.

6. Wedding in church

The above procedures are required to apply for a marriage certificate. In fact, I think everyone has never heard of many procedures. Then when you want to apply for a marriage certificate in the Philippines, if you do not have such material procedures, you can directly contact us as your agent. Our agent does not need those certificates. We need the front page of the passport, the birth paper of the Filipino, and the names of both parents, I don't need to be present.

I think I have already introduced the procedures for the marriage certificate. If you have any needs in this regard, you can directly contact our online customer service. Yi You International specializes in handling various procedures. Many of them do not require me to be present, unless you need to press fingerprints. This cannot be replaced. When you meet a girl you like in the Philippines, you may as well be bold and we will help you handle the marriage certificate.


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