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How to handle the 60-day travel visa in the Philippines?

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At present, many customers have a question when applying for Philippine visas, handling 9ATravel signWhat information need to be provided, how can we handle it for 60 days?Travel signWait, for this kind of problemYi You InternationalLet's explain to you, Philippines 60 daysTravel signWhat should I do?


How many days are there for Philippine visas

Answer: Philippine visas are currently available for 14 days, 30 days, 59 days, 90 days and 180 days. Total 5 species. The first three belong to single entry, and the latter two belong to the PhilippinesBusiness signVisa for multiple entry.

Which is better, single or multiple, for a Philippine visa?

Answer: This is mainly determined according to your actual situation. Whether it is a single or multiple times, you can enter the country after entering the country.RenewalRenewalThe longest single shot can help you continue for 180 days. That is to say, no matter how long your visa is valid when you enter the country, you can be considered after entering the country.RenewalRenewalThe time can also be determined according to your stay time.

Philippines Travel Sign 60 Days Processing Materials

Answer:Travel signThe handling is done in the Philippine Embassy. The handling materials include: photocopies of the original passport and ID cards (printed on the front and back) and 2 2-inch white background photos. General agent information is very simple, do not need you to fill in the form, also do not need all kinds of mortgage, directly the simplest materials can be handled for you.

About 60 daysTravel signThe question of how to handle it has been answered for you. If you need to handle it on your behalf, you can contact our online customer service, whether it is before or after entering the country.Renewal, transfer, as well as rent, start a company can solve for you. Philippine local merchants have the ability to escort your business.



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