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Do Filipinos Go to China Visa-Free

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No matter which country you go to, you need to apply for a visa. This is your identity certificate for walking internationally. At present, many countries have proposed preferential policies for Chinese citizens on arrival visa, so many people will also want to know what situations in our country can be exempted from visa. Do Filipinos go to China without visa?


Who can avoid applying for a Chinese visa

1. Direct transit, this mainly refers to foreigners holding a scheduled joint ticket to take an international flight, directly from China transit, in transit without staying at the airport for 24 hours is visa-free.

2. If foreign citizens travel to Hainan Island in the Pearl River Delta, they can be visa-free, and the longest stay is 21 days.

3. Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan with ordinary passports can also be visa-free if they enter China, travel, do business or visit relatives for no more than 15 days.

4. Holders of business travel cards can enter China multiple times, but the longest stay cannot exceed 2 months.

If foreigners have a valid residence permit in China, they can enter the country at any time.

6. Foreigners exempted from signing according to the agreement.

In addition to these circumstances, anyone entering China is required to apply for a relevant visa.

Is there any visa-free situation for Filipinos to go to China?

In the above-mentioned direct border and travel to Hainan in the Pearl River Delta, they are all applicable to Filipino residents. Moreover, in the travel clauses, ordinary citizens holding Philippine visas can stay in China for 21 days without applying for a visa, but can return to China within the specified time.

In other terms, if you have already applied for a residence certificate in China, or successfully naturalized in China, then you do not need to apply for any visa, as long as you hold your own identity certificate, you can enter China at any time.

It is now during the epidemic, so any visa and foreign residence permit other than Chinese citizens cannot enter China. There will be no visa-free situation.

Regarding the visa issue for entering China, if you have other questions, you can consult our platform customer service. This will provide you with more professional services to meet your travel needs to a greater extent.



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