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Which way to get a Cambodia visa as soon as possible?

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There are often some applicants who do not know the acceptance time of the embassy because they apply for a visa for the first time, so they think of applying for a visa only when they are about to travel. So if the applicant wants to get a Cambodian visa as soon as possible in a hurry, Which way can you choose?


Cambodia visa processing methods can be divided into three types, sticker signature, electronic signature and landing visa.

1. Landing visa allows applicants not to apply for visas in China in advance, but can directly apply for visas at the local airport with valid certificates. This method is most suitable for applicants who do not have time to apply for visas. It takes about 3-4 hours to apply for landing visa, and the cost of landing visa is relatively cheap.

However, applicants should pay attention to the fact that those who want to apply for landing visa need to prepare air tickets and hotel reservation forms in advance, and they need to enter the country from designated ports.

2. Although the two processing methods of sticker signature and electronic signature are different in the operation process, one is to submit all paper materials to the embassy, the other is to apply directly online, but the check-out time is about 3-5 working days, which is a little slow for applicants who are in a hurry to travel.

Therefore, in order to enable applicants to obtain visas as soon as possible, the Cambodian embassy can allow applicants who handle sticker signatures and electronic signatures to handle urgent business.

Urgent visas are usually issued in about 1-2 working days. Applicants only need to provide passports, photos and photocopies of ID cards, but the Cambodian embassy does not allow minors to apply for urgent visas.

In addition, there is an extra fee for handling Cambodia visa expeditions, an extra fee of about 20 yuan for sticker visa expeditions, and an extra fee of about 30 yuan for electronic visa expeditions.

In short, if the applicant is in a hurry to travel, he can choose to apply for a visa on arrival or an urgent visa, which can quickly allow the applicant to obtain a Cambodian visa. The final visa depends on the quality of the applicant's personal materials.



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